Wilders gets standing ovation in Melbourne

Controversial Dutch MP Geert Wilders received two standing ovations in Melbourne during an hour-long speech in which he depicted a grim future for Australia under the rule of Islamic law.
Part of his speech in Melbourne:

Several hundred  560 people who attended the speech were confronted by a large small but very noisy and aggressive group of vocal protesters ferals and some were pushed to the ground as they tried to enter the hall at Somerton to hear the Dutchman, who has round-the-clock protection.

Wilders has previously made denigrating statements about the prophet of the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims.

(These 1.5 billion Muslims say that unbelievers (that’s us) are the vilest of creatures who must be  subjugated or  killed. Strange that this coin never drops into the journalistic mental mush).

Here is Vicky Jensen with yet another  ABC dimbulb who must be living under a rock. (Podcast)

Protestors Rabid rent-a crowd ferals demonstrate against Wilders

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Broadcast: 19/02/2013

PROTESTERS  Ferals clashed violently with police and guests tonight before a speech by controversial anti-Muslim Dutch MP Geert Wilders.

Protesters  Radical commies from the Socialist Alliance and “Friends of Palliswine”  called Dutch MP Geert Wilders a racist as he calls for end to mass migration from Islamic countries

Activists These lunatics pushed and shoved guests to stop them entering, and linked arms to try to form a blockade.


He said Europe’s capitals were being changed by mass migration from Islamic countries and warned the same thing could happen to Australia.

“Find and elect politicians who are not afraid to tell the truth about Islam,” he said on Tuesday.

He also said there should be an end to the building of mosques in Australia.

“It’s time to stop being tolerant to the intolerant and say no to building more mosques – enough is enough”.

While the Islamic Council of Victoria is concerned the speech may incite violence, Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu said Mr Wilders was wrong and there was clear evidence multiculturalism was a positive for Australian society.

Mr Wilders, the founder and leader of the Dutch Freedom Party which holds 15 seats in the Dutch parliament, was due to speak in Perth but that has been cancelled.

He told the audience on Tuesday night that WA Premier Colin Barnett had told him he would not be welcome in Western Australia.

Mr Wilders said he had wondered how many other people had been banned from WA and googled it to find out.

“Only two items popped up, me and US nuclear base,” he said.

The host of the tour, the Q Society, said it was forced to call off the Perth date because it was unable to find a venue to host Mr Wilders.

His Melbourne venue on Tuesday night was meant to be a secret but it did not deter protesters.

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11 thoughts on “Wilders gets standing ovation in Melbourne”

  1. Hate speech and racism is used like confetti. Throw it around and some might stick.

    That young Muslim woman from Melbourne is complaining about hate speech and stating that Geert Wilders should not be allowed into Australia.
    Yet next month the Imam of the Mecca mosque, Al-Sudais, is arriving and he is on public record as saying that the Jews are the scum of the Earth, the descendants of apes and monkeys? Where is her protest about that?
    The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia has called for the destruction of all churches in the Arabian peninsula.
    Is that not hate speech and intolerance??

    And what about Islamic text?
    Sura 40:35 states that Australians (the kafir) is greatly hated by Allah and his believers (Muslims).
    Law w59.2 on page 1015 of the Manual of Islamic law states that Muslims must detest Australians.
    The doctrine of faith from the first pillar of Islam calls on Muslims to hate unbelievers because Allah does.
    Does your woman protest about this?

    On Racism
    I love the way we are called racists.
    In the hadith of Bukhari, Mohammed states that Arabs are the best race.
    And Jews are the worst race and must all be killed before the Last Day.
    So Arabs are the best race and Jews are the worst race.

    White is superior to black with black people going to hell (hadith of Tirmidhi)

    Women are inferior to men and worth only half a man.

    Islam is the best religion and all others must be destroyed (Sura 9:33)

    Hence Islam is race racist, colour racist, gender racist and religion racist.
    Islam is the most racist ideology on the planet.

    Where are all the protests from rent-a rabble about Islam being racist?

  2. A French family has been kidnapped by muslims in a National Park bordering Nigeria. Concern for their safety has been noted by officials. Nice to see the scum protesting against Mr. Wilders also commentating on the excesses of the muslim community.

  3. The protesters fall into two categories. Useful Idiots (dhimmis-in-training) and…their Muslim handlers, who probably play them like violins. ‘Students for Palestine’ is run by a Muslim, so far as I could tell from another report.

  4. I observe that there were (depending on which media outlet you read) between 40 and 100 Useful Idiots carrying water for the Jihad. And there were – according to one report – 500 guests (which is a bit less than you report, Sheik, but then, you are in a position to know, so we’ll go with your figure, 560).

    So: listening to Geert – 560. Protesting against Geert – 40/ 100.

    In both cases, this is a sampling of the most committed on either side.

    Seems to me that the proportion of the Aussie population that is already Islamosavvy or likely to become so, is greater than the proportion that is deceiving or deceived.

  5. I wouldn’t even call these so called protestors maggots as maggots are more highly evolved. Why is it in this day and age, stupid people are allowed to breathe let alone breed? I so wish natural selection would catch up to these cretins.

    G-d help this country, G-d help this World..

  6. didn’t realise oz was in such a mess! dare I say it..I don’t think even the
    bbc sinks as low as this……

  7. Wow, what an incredibly biased video from ABC and it was obvious from the words and tone of the woman anchorwoman which way the story was going to go.

    I found their continued inference to the “secreative” Q society revealing.

    Finally, I want to point out the Muslims girl at the end of the video talking about negative experiences “she heard about” and it being a very “personal issue”.

    Oh yes, indeed Islam and the West is a very personal issue. Those of us who have had the misfortune of it invading our lives in a very violent manner can concur on the point of Islam being a “personal issue”.

    The violent and negative experiences have indeed been personal issue.

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