Wilders Interview with obnoxious punk Andrew O’Keefe

This is painful.  Andrew O’Keefe makes a complete ass of himself.  Even by the non existent standards of the radical left, this tool is an embarrassment for  the people of Australia.  His ignorance and his animosity are revolting. His “Islam isn’t evil because we all do it too”  just shows how far we’re already down the sinkhole.

O’Keefe is a loudmouth blowhard. People who are offended by the rants of this unqualified  TV jackass should write to the channel and ask for his dismissal. Enough is enough. Breathtaking stupidity like this will not save us from Islamisation, it endangers us all.

O’Keefe’s arrogance was an absolute disgrace with his condescending laughter.

He had the audacity to call Geert Wilders a liar. Acted as if he knew more about the situation in Europe than Geert Wilders.  His ignorance was breathtaking and embarrassing.

Alcoholism  & ignorance against Wilders:  watch this “interview”, but keep a barfbag ready.


Here’s that SUNRISE interview with pig ignorant David Koch, who seems to live under a rock in Oprah-land: after claiming that Christians  live by the laws of Leviticus and by invoking the IRA and abortion clinic bombers (“extremists in all religions”) he keeps interjecting and soils himself with more imbecilic drivel:

The next video shows some supporters who are being interviewed on their impressions on what Wilders had to say. The people are better informed than the ignorant TV clowns:

Here something from the fringe: the “Muslim Voice”

29 thoughts on “Wilders Interview with obnoxious punk Andrew O’Keefe”

  1. I am gasping for air after just finishing watching this interview! O’Keefe’s smugness is breathtaking, he is completely delusional about the amount of knowledge and insight he has into the problem of Islamisation in the West. His behaviour was unbelievably insulting and I admire Wilders even more now, for being able to remain so restrained in the company of this self righteous fool. Unreal.

  2. Maybe O’Keefe will be a huge hit in this and will go away?

    Check out what they are doing to Jesus Christ Superstar, and he is in it.


    “The story traces the last week of Jesus’ life, beginning with his arrival with his disciples in Jerusalem and culminating in his crucifixion. In the updated version, the musical is set in the midst of a global financial crisis, inspired by the London riots and Occupy movements.”

    How many Christians do you suppose are going to go nuts over this interpretation?

    I have seen O’Keefe’s arrogance before and this time he is even worse!

    But to expect any objectivity from the MSM is asking too much!

    He still thinks ancient Biblical edits are still enforced.

    Exactly where is this happening?

  3. I couldn’t bear to watch the Sunrise assault on Geert again. We brought Geert out to put up with this? I am so ashamed of my culture which promotes such creeps as Andrew O’ Keefe (well, I presume he is “somebody” though I’ve vever heard of him – thankfully.)

  4. This is the very reason why I refused to watch it yesterday morning (Sunday). I knew by the short clip this was going to be a hatchet job on Geert and seeing the self righteous smugness of O’Keefe I felt it better for whats left of my sanity to sidestep this program.

  5. Interesting how people bring up the Northern Ireland issue when trying to defend Islam.

    As bad as it was – less than 1000 people were killed by all warring parties from the 1970’s to the current day. That pales into insignificance when contrasted with even inter-Islamic fighting – Syria reaches 1000 in a month.

  6. How I wanted to wipe that smirk off O’Keefe’s mug. Geert Wilders exhibited admirable restraint and deserved a medal for continuing to wow us with his calm, rational response to the idiot. He must be so used to the illogical comparisons always brought up and always very nastily. I would have walked out.

  7. Mr Wilders is an absolute legend, the way he acts in response to criticism of his views is something we should all take note of, keep calm and continue to try and get your point across gob bless him and his cause

  8. I was gob smacked watching Andrew O’Keefe yesterday morning. His arrogance is only surpassed by his ignorance.

    The aboriginal/ african american levels of incarceration he pursued were totally irrelevant.

    To call Wilders a liar was a gross affrontery and an absolute smack in the face to him and an enormous embarrassment to Australians.

    Anyone with a modicum of intellect who informs themselves is aware of the Islamisation of Europe. It is nothing new. Wilders has risked life and limb for years to draw this to the attention of the world.

    O’Keefe is at best a failed lawyer and only a game show host – which are probably about equal.

    As for smirking Sammy sitting there – doting on his every word – she wouldn’t know if her butt was on fire when it comes to anything of substance.

  9. This O’keefe is just a washed up ”childish gameshow” host. I have no idea of why he was chosen to try to embarass an iteligent person so way above him in every way. The idiotic false laugh is gut turning,,,,,,,,This arsehole O’Keefe, has no chance of getting smart, he may meet sharia and then he will be sorted out. O’Keefe would be well advised to shut the f— up and go get educated

  10. not only was O’keeth rude towards Geert but he had the gaul to accuse him of being disingenuous, then he quoted (or should I say misquoted) two biblical verses one from Galatians (another gospel) and an old testament verse in a vain attempt to suggest that most religions including christianity are just as violent, not only is he delusional but he is a coward and traitor to the free country in which countless men died fighting ideology not to dissimilar to islam

  11. @Rob,

    Like most sanctimonious Lefties he may ‘want’ to turn Australia into a refugee island, but I would wager he does not nor will he ever live next the rabble.

    1. These fools have no knowledge of anything; no history, no religion, no morals, no ethics; they are lost.

      AOK is the prototype of the loudmouth drunk you can find in any pub downunder, so its really embarrassing to see such a gutter rat on TV. Reminds me of Bob Beckel.

  12. Pisspot O’Keefe seems to fullfill the prerequisites necessary for being a member of the Sunrise outfit: intellectual, moral, ethical dwarfism.

    His “interview” might be the icing on the turd most of Australia’s media and politicians dumped on this visit, but to people with a moderate intelligence it clearly showed that O’Keefe couldn’t reach Mr. Wilders’ ankles if he climbed a ladder.

  13. “Muslims are welcome, racists are not!” Yeah – because a ‘Master Religion’ makes so much more sense than a ‘Master Race!’

    Sunrise interview: “Controversial far-right” etc etc etc … YAWN.

    From ‘The Muslim Voice:”

    The muslima: “He is promoting hatred against criminals (moslems)!”

    “No one has the right to be intolerant of intolerance!”

    -A. Leftard-

  14. Maybe someone ought draw attention to that poor Afghan girl who was promised to a Taliban animal at age 12 by her father in exchange for forgiveness of a debt. After being repeatedly abused and punished, not only by her animal of a “husband” but by his family, she ran away. When found his family dragged her to an isolated area and bound her hands and feet. The animal then cut of her ears and nose and left her for dead.

    Fabulous race – and that is a small part of what we hear of. What about these poor wretches we never hear about.

    Furthermore, what goes on here in Australia that we never get to hear of. How many women are abused, subjected to female genital mutilation by their own Islamic mothers. It really doesn’t bear thinking about.

    I am not tolerant of any form of treatment such as that, and to have Islam thrust in my face as “religion of peace” makes me want to puke.

    Come to this country – learn the language, drop the garb, and assimilate or bugger off back where you came from. If it was so good there why did you want to come here and live in exactly the same way as what you left.

  15. Andrew O’Keefe is unbelievably thick and rude. To accuse Wilders of lying about the situation in Europe was an insult to all of us who have fled that region to get away from the relentless onslaught of Islam. In the last week I have heard of two court cases in this country relating to this subject: One where parents were being charged because they took their one year old daughter abroad to be mutilated, and another where several men were accused of whipping a muslim because he had drunk alcohol. So Andrew, I ask you, are some Muslims in Australia actively breaking the law to suit their own religious beliefs? Or was this something I ‘imagined’ I saw on the news?

  16. I’m just as embarrassed by this idiot O’Keefe. God help us all with a media like we have. We have long ago forgotten our values and seem to be pandering to what amounts to an Islamic Insurgency into this country. A so called Asylum seeker up north had the Gaul (several years ago already) to say ‘You Australians are so soft, we will have this country in 10 years’. With pricks like O’keefe around that would be pretty much a done deal in the years ahead.

  17. You cannot be racist towards muslims,those standing outside screaming about racism are falling under the missconceptions set out by Muslims.Islam is a religion and Muslims are its followers they are not defined as a race.Geert is doing what he can to inform Australians of the danger we as a nation face if sharia law is implemented here and if Australia becomes an Islamic state.We will loose our freedoms,we will live under a law that has no rights for woman,we will receive 40 lashings for consuming alchohol,woman will be stoned,raped,beaten etc as is set out in the Quran.

  18. I first got interested in what Islam says about non believers when 3 girls and 1 woman were killed by their father, mother and brother, and found at the bottom of the Rideau Canal near Kingston, Ontario. These girls would still be alive if only their teachers, or the police, or social workers had heeded them when they said they were afraid of their family. Little did those girls know they were to be despatched by their own blood. Islam is as dangerous to vulnerable girls and women as it is to non believers, and Islam says alot about us kaffirs. Read about the Shafia murders here. http://www.cancrime.com/2012/10/02/without-honour-the-untold-story-of-the-shafia-murders/

  19. Wow am I ever glad you wrote this article about that embarrassing interview between Andrew O’Keefe and the great Geert Wilders. I can NEVER watch anything with this O’Keefe buffoon again. Not as long as I live. You said it perfectly … obnoxious punk.
    Mr. Wilders conducted himself with grace and class in handling him but I do love that he called AOK “ignorant” towards the end.

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