Wilders ‘Nuclear Powers’ — Feedback

Yusuf rubs it:

Yusuf Irfan tries Islam infused humor, or something:

Ayatollah Khomeini said:

“Allah did not create man so that he could have fun. The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer. An Islamic regime must be serious in every field. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious. …”

Relax! Go back to sleep, infidel. Its not happening, its all not true. Muslims don’t want to replace our law with the sharia, Yusuf’s Islam is so multifaceted and diverse and really, its only a tiny minority of excremists we need to worry about. Just look at  Indonesia’s “thriving democracy!”

POLICE are investigating violent clashes between guests and demonstrators before a speech by anti-Islamic MP Geert Wilders.

Unwashed rabble of the  Red-Green persuasion, ‘friends of Palliswine’ and a bunch of muselmaniacs attacked citizens who wanted to hear Dutch MP Geert Wilders:

The police is investigating.

Vomit & Hatred:

Australians must ask themselves if Muslim-style “multiculturalism” fits into the Australian way of life. Can our country tolerate beheadings, be-handings, female genital mutilation, arranged marriages of 9 year old girls and murders of homosexuals?

When the truth is deemed “racist,” the patient is terminal, and there’s no hope for recovery.

Vomit from Shakira Hussein

Why bother with a braindead Muslima who  bloviates on Crickey?


We were just standing there while actually, like, a number of people were charging at us, are hurting us. There are actually people in here with bloody noses and these are all the demonstrators who are actually just peacefully trying to raise awareness of the fact that we oppose Islamophobia and all the things that Geert Wilders and the people who come to Geert Wilders’ event preach.

Wilders Nuclear Power

Mr Wilders said he had wondered how many other people had been banned from WA and googled it to find out.

“Only two items popped up, me and US nuclear base,” he said.

The host of the tour, the Q Society, said it was forced to call off the Perth date because it was unable to find a venue to host Mr Wilders.

 Barney Zwartz was there: Change Religion, Wilders Tells Muslims

(If it wasn’t that it would be Aiisha)

Barney Zwartz  seeks (and gets) help from Islam ‘expert’ Hass Dellal:

All Muslims should renounce their religion immediately in favour of Christianity or atheism – it would be better for them and for everyone else, controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders said in Melbourne on Tuesday.

Insisting politely that he did not want to incite or offend anyone, the anti-Islam campaigner described the prophet Muhammad as ”a warlord, terrorist and paedophile” and urged Australia to ban the Koran and all migration from Muslim countries.

Told that Premier Ted Baillieu had advised Victorians to ignore him, Mr Wilders said the Premier could ignore the threat of Islam and ”sing Kumbaya” all day long, but the voters would wake up eventually.

Mr Wilders was speaking to the assembled media at a secret location 40 minutes’ drive north-west of Melbourne, of which they were notified only in the morning.

The media had to register in advance, show ID on arrival and pass several burly men in dark suits with black radio earpieces.

For years, Mr Wilders has lived under constant police protection, staying in a government safe house and being driven in an armoured car, but before his visit Melbourne Muslim leaders said he was under no threat of violence from local Muslims. However, the Q Society, which is hosting his three-city tour, says it has had more than two dozen venues refuse to host him or cancel bookings for fear of violent protests.

The Q Society was founded in 2010 to ”educate Australians about Islam”, media spokesman Andrew Horwood said.

Mr Wilders – impeccably dressed and coiffured and a polished media performer who never raised his voice despite some hostile questioning – said Islam was a totalitarian system that was incompatible with freedom.

”I am here to talk about the Islamisation of Europe,” he said. ”If you think what happened in Europe will not happen in Australia you are totally wrong.”

He said he did not oppose the multiculturalism on which Australia prides itself, but cultural relativism, ”the crazy idea that all cultures are equal, so you don’t have a dominant culture”.

He said Islam was based on the Koran, which contained more anti-Semitism than Hitler’s manifesto Mein Kampf, and on the example of the life of the prophet Muhammad.

”Muhammad was a warlord, terrorist and paedophile (who slept with a wife when she was nine). If 1.5 billion people think he is the best example to follow it’s fair and necessary to analyse it and be able to talk about it.

”I call on all the Muslims in the world to leave Islam for Christianity or atheism or whatever they want. This will be good for them and also for our free society.”

Australian Multicultural Foundation chief executive Hass Dellal said that call was so outlandish there was no sensible reply.

”He is full of contradictions and is wrapped up in his own notoriety. He never speaks of tolerance, understanding or cohesion,” Mr Dellal said.

Islamic Council of Victoria past president Ramzi Elsayed said Mr Wilders’ remarks simply showed ignorance. ”He seems to be losing rationality in his argument,” he said.

Mr Wilders cancelled the Perth leg of his tour because a hotel hosting him pulled out late on Tuesday.

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  1. “…Islamic Council of Victoria past president Ramzi Elsayed said Mr Wilders’ remarks simply showed ignorance. ”He seems to be losing rationality in his argument,” he said./…”

    Really, losing rationality? Ok, you’ve made your statement, now go back to reading about Al Burak, the ‘perfect man’, the polygamous 7th century arab warlord, child molester and murderer – who split the moon with his little finger. Oh, before I forget, don’t forgwt to walk into the loo with your left foot first – etc. you know the drill….

  2. So, asking holy mobster moslems to leave their crime-syndicate is “irrational” and “lacks tolerance, understanding or cohesion,” does it?

    People must be rationally cohesive and understandingly tolerant of crime!

  3. It is doubtful that “Mohammed” even existed as an historical person. “Mohammed” is probably little more than a contrived conglomeration of the typical whoring, pedophiling, warring, illiterate, violent, abusive, ignorant, insane, sociopathic Muslim male. It doesn’t matter how much has been written about “him” or by whom and or how many people have believed in him for how long. He is probably nothing but myth. It is possible that he did actually exist somewhat as described, but so what? Even if he did and many of the actions ascribed to him actually happened, again, so what? He was no world redeemer, he was no prophet because prophets don’t exist. He wasn’t anything special except in his own mind and in those he could threaten into believing so. A lot of old, stinky men with beards, funny hats, with fingers in air and mouth open, proclaiming to have special knowledge of reality exist, but, again, so what? It’s all a ruse, a scam, a con, a big line of b*llsh*t. I can stand on a street corner with one finger in the air and my thumb up my a** and claim special knowledge of reality and no one can prove me wrong, but does that prove I’m right? No, it doesn’t. Therefore, I say to Hell with going along with the fantasy that “Mohammed” (and Allah) even existed. Throw that in the Mudslide’s faces and see what happens. I do.
    Islam is poison.

  4. And, oh, go, Geert!!!

    I’m singing “Yes, we have no Mohammeds. We have no Mohammeds today” to the tune of “Yes we have no bananas” …

    Let’s call it “Waslam” …

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