Wilders on Islam: “It is not a religion of peace – it is a totalitarian ideology”

Nothing to fear from me, says Geert Wilder (sic)

The journaillie can’t even spell his name right. Even Andrew Bolt is keeping his head down and prattles on with Gillard, globull worming and a few other items that don’t really matter as much as the Muselmanic invasion.

CONTROVERSIAL right wing anti-Islamic Dutch politician Geert Wilders says Australia has nothing to fear from him when he visits the country next week.  (Newscom)

These media wackjobs are annoying. Geert Wilders is not “controversial”, he is courageous and outspoken. Neither is he “right-wing”, he is a social democrat. However, for the multiculti-infused diversity apostles everyone  who rejects group-think is a ‘racist-bigot-Islamophobe’ . As if we didn’t know that already!

Mr Wilders, speaking on the ABC’s Lateline on Wednesday, said he was on a global jihad to preserve freedom.

(Not quite: he was at pain to answer Tony Jones idiotic question whether he is waging a jihad….)

He said he wants to warn Australia against allowing the mass immigration of people from Muslim countries “because Islam and freedom are incompatible”.

“I believe with mass immigration into our free societies, those societies will change, and they will change for the worse,” Mr Wilders said.

The leader of the Party for Freedom holds the balance of power in the Dutch parliament after receiving around 10 per cent of the national vote.

He wants to tell Australians that we must learn from the mistakes they made in Europe and be vigilant of Islam.

“It is not a religion of peace – it is a totalitarian ideology,” Mr Wilders said.

He conceded that the majority of Muslims living in Europe were moderates but their religion of Islam was totalitarian that has no room for anything but Islam.

Mr Wilders said that when he visits Australia next week he not only wanted to talk to people who agreed with him but to those who did not.

“I am a lawmaker not a law breaker,” he said.

When asked if he would be accompanied by Dutch Security Service he said that he could not talk about security arrangements or he would make himself more vulnerable.

 In other news:

Ben speaks to Sydney Morning Herald columnist Paul Sheehan about the arrival of controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders.

There seems to be a fair amount of hope left that Muslims will  somehow turn out like previous immigrants, that they will somehow, perhaps in 3 or 4 generations turn into regular  Aussies. But we know that won’t happen: Islam itself makes it impossible.

Dutch citizens” are fighting in Syria: spy chief

The chief of the Netherlands’ top intelligence agency is warning that dozens of Dutch citizens are fighting alongside opposition group in Syria … Better That They’re In Syria Than In The Netherlands
Of the 1.9 million people who live there, only some 250,000 are ethnic Qataris, most of whom practice Wahhabism, the austere form of Islam also practiced in Saudi Arabia.
Qatar’s problems with its neighbors may be only just beginning.  “People asking questions are met with walls of silence,”
“They are simply not explaining what they are doing properly,” said one Doha-based analyst on condition of anonymity. “Conspiracy theories are rife.”

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  1. Geert Wilders is most welcome in Australia.

    Why do our politicians continue to promote and defend islam ?
    The cowards should be welcoming Geert Wilders.


    1. Write to them. Write to all the polit-props you know.

      Tell them that by siding with the soldiers of allah they support polygamy, misogyny, child-marriage, wife-beating, honour killings, murder and assassinations for apostasy and blasphemy, jihad and slavery: that includes our enslavement.

      Put them on notice.

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