A suburb that was once Australia’s

Dereliction of Duty

In Sydney’s western suburbs the social problems are far worse than the lame stream media reports. Multiculturalism does not work. The present lack of border protection, the smoke and mirror circus operated by the Red-Green  government to try and hide the issues is a disgrace.  Australians will pay a heavy price for  the folly of its subversive, self-serving government.

Never mind the violence, terror and danger, think of the restaurants!

Andrew Bolt

History teacher Peter Roberts grew up in Greenacre, scene of yet another shooting involving men of Middle Eastern background:

Greenacre was my home, but it has changed. Some say for the better. Multiculturalism was the justification of all things hard to accept. ..

When you see your homeland, which was what Greenacre was, turned into a minefield, or a battlefield, or a refuge of drug dealers, criminals, drive-by shooters and terror – you find yourself in a quandary. It’s all part and parcel of the greater good, of the New Australia, of the emergence of alternative cultures – it’s just a settling-in process.

Whatever the apologists say, it’s traumatic to read about the new Greenacre where I had my roots. It’s tragic to see things go so wrong.

The police are powerless. I’ve seen it first-hand. They are harassed and intimidated for simply doing their job. The Premier says we can have confidence in the police to apprehend the culprits of a recent murder in Wilbur Street. Even if they do, which is unlikely, as the local residents live in permanent fear of reprisals, can they stop the next shooting and the next?

Soon Greenacre/Lakemba will be an enclave of little Lebanon, with all the worst features transported from a failed country to a new one, one still proud of its tolerance. I am told time and again that tolerance is not weakness. A bit like saying appeasement is not weakness. But I’m growing more sceptical.

That was my home – the place where I simply couldn’t imagine living anywhere else once – transformed to the place where I could never imagine living again.

4 thoughts on “A suburb that was once Australia’s”

  1. If the cops are not willing to protect us then let the people do the job for them. Give us weapons and in one month all these problems will be gone.

  2. The police had their hands tied by the politicians – it is easy to see that scum who could be bought by Lebanese crims like obeid could also be bought to prevent the police from doing their job. You folks in Western Sydney will not be able to get rid of these parasitic muslims without physical conflict – so be prepared to fight to win YOUR city back.

  3. Islam is a festering disease without a cure!
    Fly spray won’t get rid of them!!
    I cannot be tolerant towards the intolerant!
    F Them All!!

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