“Agenda 21 is a 20 year old non binding declaration”


 Agenda 21 is the most massive far reaching political policy in the history of Australian Federation yet it is being enforced upon us, and our democratic right to choose has been consistently denied by both major political parties.

Please check out this Government’s web site:

You will see “Australia’s commitment to Agenda 21 is reflected in a strong national response to meet our obligations under this international agreement.”

Australia’s National Strategy for ESD provides a national framework for the implementation of Agenda 21. The National Strategy fulfils the obligation Australia entered into in Rio De Janeiro to implement Agenda 21.

 Please bookmark this page, take screenshots, print it out and pass it around to everyone you know.  This needs to be stopped at all cost.

Agenda 21 For Dummies

Agenda 21’s Globalist Death Plan for Humanity

One thought on ““Agenda 21 is a 20 year old non binding declaration””

  1. Group might makes rights!

    The criminal coward’s Submission creed inaction!

    Deciding to do nothing to think for and defend one’s self is still a decision. Deferring one’s own right and responsibility to defend one’s own rights to self-proclaimed crisis-relief management expert salesmen is still a decision.

    Masochistic infantile delinquent criminal negligents are mindless Authoritarian idolaters who slanderoulsy victim-blame to pretend it isn’t!

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