Al Qaeda calls on journalists to assassinate top U.S., British, French heads of state and politicians

Thanks to MEMRI & JW:

Following are segments from the open source jihad “consultancy” section:[1]

 “I Want To Carry Out A Big Jihad Operation To Support The Religion. Guide Me.”

Question: “I Want To Assassinate The U.S. President, The French President, The British PM, Or Their Ministers.”

Answer: “…It is easy, if you ask Allah and be true to Him. These people have many weak points, especially during ceremonies, parties, and election campaigns. Bare in mind, they come to and leave from these parties. Therefore, there must be some means of transport, which is a chance for surveillance or even action.

“If you think you are unable, then you have easy targets like [G.W.] Bush, Bill Clinton, Colin Powell, or Condoleezza Rice. Of course, you can also kill Sarkozy and Tony Blair. It is now easy to reach these guys, especially [now] that they aren’t in office anymore.”

I can’t believe our luck: that sounds like they’re doing us a favour!  And why is Shrillary not on the list?

Answering a similar query from “an active journalist,” Inspire says that journalism is a “useful profession to the mujahideen,” as journalists’ wide knowledge of current affairs, along with their “access to many areas as a media personnel,” can provide AQAP with valuable intelligence about the enemy, adding that journalists themselves can exploit their positions to execute attacks themselves.

Ah. Maybe that would explain Christiane Amanpour, Niraj Warikoo, Kari Huus, Bob Smietana, Michael Kruse, and all the rest of them.


7 thoughts on “Al Qaeda calls on journalists to assassinate top U.S., British, French heads of state and politicians”

  1. Keep in mind that Al Qaeda is the Muslim Brotherhood’s military wing – one of many. One that the MB doesn’t like to admit to and will even admit quite frequently that Hamas and Hezbollah are not only a (military) wing of the MB but are praised quite often…. unless a non-moslem states it then they will deny it all.

    Al Qaeda, just like Hamas, came out of the MB. The current head of AQ, Zawahiri, was originally a MB member who formed his own MB splinter group called Egyptian Islamic Jihad.

    Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who was #3 in the hierarchy of AQ and the architect of 9/11, joined the MB at the age of 16.

    SO! What am I trying to say – the politicians and others who are on AQ’s hit list are very much being surrounded by those who want them dead but somehow passed any sort of back ground checking on these creeps but still are able to reach to the highest in our political structures.

    I have no comment on our religious leaders who are nothing but useful idiots for islam. But all who embrace those MB members and front groups will find out that useful idiots are usually first on the hitlist.

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