All your moolah are belong to us!

Turkey: Compo yes, peace no

Arabs demand compo too

The Turkish news agency reported that an Arab diplomat said that “Arab states are considering the possibility of demanding that Israel apologize for the killings of Palestinian territories and in Lebanon in the same way that they apologized to Turkey for the Marmara.

“Tututututut: Asshole of the month

Yes,  the  nasty old geezer is still alive:

A grinning and giggling social butterfly, Tutu is always going somewhere and expressing his opinion on something.   Tutu is the one who compared the “Jewish Lobby” to Hitler and Stalin and sneered that “Jews seem to think that they have cornered the market on suffering.”

Eurozone Chief Thief: Savings Accounts Will Be Raided to Save Euro in Future Crisis

Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the Dutch chairman of the eurozone, announced today that savers would be raided in the future to save the Euro.–The Telegraph reported, via GWP.

Tax on Sodomy?

One of the very few things the liberals in charge do not tax is homosexuality, presumably because — for reasons too disturbing to contemplate — they want to encourage it.

Your daily conspiracy crapola, from Iran:

Turkey was taken over by Zionist basically agents of international banking and freemasonry with the end of the Caliphate and Ataturk with his fascist war on Islam throughout the past decades in Turkey was the worst enemy of Islam on the planet and in that sense Turkey under Ataturk and his followers became aligned with Zionism. …

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  1. “savers would be raided in the future to save the Euro.”

    Finally, the NeoCommunist in the EU have nearly achieved their wet dream of state sanctioned theft; stealing other peoples money…for the benefit of the state of course. Wink.

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