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 “America would be better off if I was dictator.”

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Caption this:

Its like: “hey Hugo, how the hell did you get where I always wanted to be…?”

13 RINO’s:

Egypt: “activists raped”, both men and women victims

ANSAmed) – ROME – Women are being systematically raped in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, Egyptian activist and psychiatrist Sally Toma told a March 8 conference organized here by Democratic Party (PD) MEP Silvia Costa. But also men are sexually abused by men in uniform.

Thousands of l policemen went on strike across Egypt and refused orders to work and protested what they claim is the politicization of the force in favor of  president Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood party.

Mustard Invasion:

Really ‘Extreme’

“Real journalist’”Juan Williams busted for plagiarism

What a stupid man:

Juan Williams, the Fox News pundit and former NPR news analyst, has admitted that a column he wrote for The Hill lifted passages from a Center for American Progress report, without attribution. 

Luxury goods worth £11MILLION seized from Saudi Princess to help pay her extravagant shopping bills.

Try that in Soddy Barbaria:

Last year, Mrs Al-Sudairi took over an entire floor at the four star Shangri-la Hotel with 60 servants for six months, but failed to settle the £5.5m bill. When King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia refused to pay for her stay, she claimed diplomatic immunity and moved to the Royal Monceau Hotel nearby.  If one steals a loaf of bread in her home country, a hand is cut off.

As long as they’re dumber than Woopie:

“Hasselbeck was too extreme and right-wing”

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is being fired from ABC’s “The View” because market researchers found that her conservative views were out of touch with the show’s audience, according to a report in Us Weekly.

Beggar Nations

London’s mayor was seeking money for a new airport from Qatar, Dubai and Kuwait.

The Wash Post reports on the extensive charity the UAE is lavishing on “needy” American communities.