Australia: by a single vote, your press remains free….

Not living in Zimbabe is something to celebrate

Incidentally, your press remains free

Andrew Bolt

In smaller headlines today, a story more profound than who will lead Labor to defeat:

LABOR has killed off its controversial media reforms after failing to secure the numbers to rush them through parliament, raising questions over Julia Gillard’s handling of the policy at a delicate point in her leadership.

Yes, we dodged a bullet – state control over the private media.

But how shameful that it came down to just a single vote. How disgusting that the attempt was made with the support of so many journalists.

PS: the word “reform” in that story is a very bad use of the English language.

In other news:

British newspapers fight back, too

The Cameron Government’s contemptible move to muzzle the British press is also falling to pieces:

Downing Street and Labour were on Tuesday insisting that an increasingly rebellious newspaper industry will eventually sign up to the new system of press regulation backed by parliament on Monday, hinting that opinion polls and fiscal incentives will force the newspaper industry to realise the dangers of rejecting it.

Katter, a nasty piece of work:

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