Australia: No Room for Sharia Law in Multicultural Society?

That’s why Labor dolts like KRudd, Bill Shorten,  Bill Kelty and Malcolm Fraser are pushing sharia finance and the halal racket all over the place.

PATRICIA KARVELAS From: The Australian

ISLAMIC law and polygamous marriages will be denounced as forever unacceptable in Australia in a bipartisan parliamentary report that will define what multiculturalism means for our nation, and state there must be only “one law for all”.

The report — the result of a two-year investigation into Australia’s multicultural strategy — is understood to be critical of the limited access migrants have to English language training and the lack of cultural awareness shown by employers and the federal employment recruitment agency.

It is also understood to make the recommendation that a national multicultural research centre be established, funded by the federal government and run independently. The centre’s chief role will be to conduct research on how communities are integrating and identify their needs.

The committee believes too much crucial knowledge and information has been lost since John Howard abolished a similar body, known as the Bureau of Immigration, Multicultural and Population Research, leading to a lack of planning around how to integrate newly arrived racial communities.


THE push to introduce sharia law into Australia by the country’s peak Muslim body is a vindication of Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi, who was vilified last year for warning of the creeping infiltration of the Islamic legal system. - 

The report will be delivered within weeks after the committee — dominated by Labor and Coalition MPs but including the Greens — agreed on a number of policies. However, the Coalition MPs are likely to make some “additional comments” in the report to make it clear where their views are different from those of Labor MPs. The Coalition MPs’ key point will be that some of the Labor initiatives — including the new national research institution — will cost taxpayers more money than may be unaffordable “in this economic climate”.

Coalition MPs are also concerned Labor has been too keen to paint migrants and refugees as “victims” and wants to ensure that they agree only to a pathway of “integration”.

The committee was confronted with a range of Islamic views, including a submission from the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, which argued that Muslims should enjoy “legal pluralism”.

In an interview, the organisation’s president, Ikebal Adam Patel, who wrote the submission, nominated family law and specifically divorce as areas where moderate interpretations of sharia could co-exist within the Australian legal system.

The multiculturalism review also received one submission calling for polygamous marriages to be considered.
The committee has come to the view these more radical ideas should be rejected, explaining that a multicultural society would not tolerate them.

The committee is understood to have concluded that migrants and refugees needed better and more accessible English language training. It will call for it to be offered in more flexible ways particularly to help immigrant women, many from the African community, who are locked out of opportunities to integrate fully.

The committee also believes Job Services Australia is not adequately delivering for refugees and migrants. It will say that it lacks cultural competency including understanding the cultural and linguistic needs of refugees and migrants, and calls for a dramatic increase in interpreter and translation services to assist new arrivals getting into work.

After hearing anecdotal evidence that refugees and migrants face huge barriers to work, the MPs on the committee also recommend that employers be offered cultural training to increase the awareness of migrants’ needs.

The committee will argue that there is a need to review the Charter of Public Service in a Culturally Diverse Society to better target and ensure access and equity in the provision of services.

The report is understood to discuss the issues Australia is encountering with Muslims and suggests: more work needs to be done to bridge cultural gaps; the promotion of inter-faith and inter-cultural understanding must be encouraged; and work with community leaders, organisations and institutions needs to be continued to foster awareness of the rights, obligations and responsibilities that apply to all in the Australian community.

The committee heard that Australians were comfortable with multiculturalism and racial diversity, but an overwhelming number of people expressed concerns Muslims were not integrating and were coming to Australia to impose their values.

It is understood the committee believes the Gillard government’s social inclusion agenda needs to incorporate cultural diversity as a factor and marker for disadvantage. The Weekend Australian tried to contact the committee’s chairwoman, Labor MP Maria Vamvakinou, but she would not comment while deliberations were under way.

She has previously said her committee believed the country needed strong political leadership to ease tensions over Islam.

Details of the committee’s report have emerged as the peak multicultural body, the Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia, has produced a pre-election manifesto calling on both sides of politics to change their policies in a range of areas.

The federation wants government to “enhance the federally funded Adult Migrant English Program but review . . . the 510 hours of tuition provided to allow learners to build vocational language skills to assist them to operate effectively in Australian workplaces”.

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  1. I wonder low long it will take before political Islam infiltrates this new body that is to monitor multiculturalism? It would be strategically blind of them not to do so.

    I have a better idea, why don’t we just abolish multiculturalism! Can I put that on my wish list for Santa Claus?

  2. “….Ikebal Adam Patel, who wrote the submission, nominated family law and specifically divorce as areas where moderate interpretations of sharia could co-exist within the Australian legal system……”

    One and the same:

    He was cunning enough not to mention islamic finance, knowing how hypocritical it would seem for him to be recommending anything

  3. Its the usual BS:

    More gubmint institutions and more money for leftist pencil pushers, “activists” and do-gooders who will provide a self-service smorgasbord for special interest groups.

    “A national multicultural research centre (must) be established, funded by the federal government and run independently…” Blah blah blah. Nothing is “funded by the federal government”- everything is funded by the taxpayers. I think we need to put this program like so many others in the bin.

  4. Any one know what the date is for draw mohammed the pedo prophet DAY or have I missed it.

  5. Umm…Molly Norris tried to start that and now she is one Al Queda’s most wanted hit list. She ended up in hiding on recommendation from the FBI – all this from the Religion of Peace.

  6. “…strong political leadership to ease tensions over Islam.”

    Does that mean we are going to get even more Islam rammed down our throats?

  7. US government is already infiltrated – plenty of oil$ can make big miracles… in educations programs as also red carpets in propaganda and political support. See- ACT Brigitte Gabriel on Youtube and why oil dependence is a key factor for interferences…

    Why Aussies are not allowed to use NG for transport as EU does?
    I called the appropriate department and they do not know why themselves… Maybe we’ll fill NG when a private contract will pass the ownership for 100 years…

    If NG was sold at 5$/full-tank I do not think would be much of a conflict of interest and mucking around…
    This is what US is exploring: make ME oil redundant for the West – which is already a technological achievement anyway.
    If we can see the symptoms of infiltration… it is likely underground business are a reality.

  8. Saudi Arabia to Seek Financial Aid if World Reduces Oil Dependence

    Fitzgerald: Saudi Arabia Wants To Make Sure Western Welfare Will Be Waiting

    The Saudis — the skimming-off-the-top gang known as the Al-Saud family, and their courtiers, and the government itself — have more than a trillion dollars squirreled away for their Rainy Day Fund. And they will continue to receive, far into the future, hundreds of billions every year. But their proleptic squealing is quite something to behold.

    And we know that when a rich Saudi feels he ought to do something to store up points, he spends money to strengthen and spread and protect Islam. He gives money to groups. Those groups in turn conduct Da’wa all over the Western world. He gives money to pay for mosques and madrasas, all over the Western and the already-islamized world. He pays for academic programs that are designed to make sure that the Saudis, and Muslims generally, keep a lock on the teaching, in the West, about Islam and all matters related to Islam. He helps pay, directly or indirectly, for the Western hirelings — journalists, former diplomats (including ambassadors), former intelligence agents, businessmen angling for fat contracts — who for the past half-century have presented a picture of this primitive, malevolent place as a “staunch ally” of the West, constantly on the verge of modernizing and reforming and god knows what else. It’s all nonsense. Believers in Islam, Believers in Wahhabi Islam, are not and can never be “staunch allies” of any Infidels. Oh, they can smile and hand out keys to a Jaguar, or offer money for “consulting,” or any number of other tangible expressions of a desire to curry, for their own ends, favor in the capitals of the Western world. The Age of Corruption fits them to a T.

    And of course it is the Saudi Lobby in Washington that has prevented, for nearly four decades, the formulation of a sensible energy — and environmental — policy, based on taxing oil and gasoline, in order to depress demand, encourage the use of other sources and kinds of energy, and in order — for those who understand how the Saudis have set their prices when they were still, as they no longer are, the swing producer — to recapture oligopolistic rents (for more on this, google “Jihad Watch” and “oligopolistic rents” and “Hugh”).

    It is the Saudis, and other rich Arabs, who should be reimbursing the Americans for getting rid of Saddam Hussein. And now it is the Saudis who should be paying the Americans for protecting them from Iran. And if a nuclear shield is offered by the American government to the rich Arabs, that offer should not be free, but should be charged for, because we really have no stake in the survival of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, the U.A.E. Protecting them is something for which we should demand, and get, payment. How about two hundred billion a year, from here to eternity?

    Yes, that sounds about right.

    And as for the Jizyah of Foreign Aid that America and Europe have for decades been giving to Egypt, Jordan, the “Palestinians,” Pakistan, and so many other Muslim countries, that Jizyah is bad psychologically for us, and its continued giving only encourages the Muslim recipients in their belief that this is their due, that it is theirs by right. Certainly there is not the slightest gratitude exhibited by any of them, and there never will be, although here and there some ruler, sensing annoyance in Congress may, like Maliki, while saying nothing to his own people, will in Washington, before an American audience, utter a sentence or two of phony gratitude. It’s happened.

    No, make the Saudis, and the Emiratis, and the Kuwaitis, and the two-faced Al-Thanis of Qatar, pay for their fellow members of the Umma. Let’s see how much real solidarity there is, when it comes time to actually give aid, not only to fellow Arabs — Jordan, Egypt, the “Palestinians” — but also to Pakistan, and Indonesia, and sinking Bangladesh. Yes, that will be a test for the solidarity of the Umma, in a situation other than that of the shared hostility and hate toward all Infidels.

    That should be a main task for all those who want “peace” or rather, “peace with justice,” in the world. Stop the Saudis. Diminish the amounts they have available to use in the Jihad of Wealth.

    And whenever any Saudi dares to say the kind of outrageous things that were said by “the head of the Saudi delegation Mohammad S. Al Sabban” when he “dismissed the IEA figures as ‘biased’ and said OPEC’s own calculations showed that Saudi Arabia would lose $19 billion a year starting in 2012 under a new climate pact. The region would lose much more.” Simply show by icy silence, or expressed contempt, that their fantastic greed, their disgusting assumptions about what they are entitled to, after all that they have received without doing a minute’s work to earn it, and after the spectacle of Saudi palaces and arms-buying and private 747s outfitted for this or that prince or princeling of the Al-Saud, and the sexual debauchery that is such a feature of the lives of the rich Arabs, especially in the Gulf, and even more, among those Arabs and Muslims when they travel to the West, which they regard merely as a Fun-Fair-Cum-Brothel where Anything Goes.

  9. Australians should be aware of the historical and theological data of the struggle with Islam and how Europe once before halted the advance at Poitiers in 732 and later reversed the defeat in “extremis” in Vienna by the intervention of the king of Poland after more than a century of tensions.
    Freedom of Speech and Human Rights are the immense achievement of centuries of struggle and sacrifice of many generations. The Story of the Mayflower can help in understanding how Judeo-Christianity upgraded consistently to Religious Freedom… Injustices are still a reality in the West but the hope to overcome them doesn’t transit via religious dictatorship.

    Once Aussies understand the nature and the terms of the historical “Struggle”… and the current mercantile negotiations taking place… they will be fit for a responsible decision in what to do – hopefully starting from a clearcut definition and enforcement of the International/interfaith Rule of Reciprocity. If wealthy theocrats do not want churches and Bible in their countries and soon in the West… the Rule of Reciprocity doesn’t and cannot mean exchange Freedom for Oil and political interferences and shopping for the implementation of the Sharia Laws.

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