Australia: Racist-Bigot-Islamophobes Cause ‘Backlash’ Against Sharia Enclaves

Backlash against Muslim enclaves

John Masanauskas

A federal multicultural inquiry has been told that complying with Muslim demands for separation is a dangerous move.

GOVERNMENT compliance with demands for Muslim schools, prayer rooms, segregated swimming pools and halal food is a dangerous trend, a federal multicultural inquiry has been told.

The joint parliamentary committee on migration said in its final report that it had received many submissions claiming multiculturalism was laying the foundations for ethnic separatism amid rising Islamic immigration.

“References were made to Muslim ‘enclaves’ in Sydney and Melbourne, and the riots in Cronulla in 2005, to suggest a lack of willingness on the part of Muslims to embrace the Australian lifestyle, values and behaviours,” it said.

Several Melbourne councils, including Monash, Casey and Greater Dandenong, hold separate sessions for women at public pools after requests by Muslim groups.

Monash even paid $66,000 for special curtains to ensure Muslim women’s privacy during the sessions.

Last year, the AFL introduced multi-faith prayer rooms at the MCG and Etihad after lobbying by Muslim player Bachar Houli.

Former premier and Hawthorn president Jeff Kennett described it as “political correctness gone mad”.

Several planning disputes involving plans for mosques and Islamic schools are before councils and VCAT.

Many submissions claimed demands to conform to Islamic cultural practices were “the first step towards calls for … Sharia law”.

“Government compliance with demands … under the banner of respect for diversity was thus cited as a dangerous trend,” the report said.

The committee didn’t support legal pluralism and recommended the Federal Government promote the message multiculturalism entailed respect for cultural diversity and commitment to Australian laws and values.

3 thoughts on “Australia: Racist-Bigot-Islamophobes Cause ‘Backlash’ Against Sharia Enclaves”

  1. Is Islam a religion?
    Or a fanaticism?
    I can never quite decide!
    I may point out I am not “Racist” as a religion is not a race!

  2. Islam is not a religion. It is an ideology which includes, law, politics and religion. It is a totalitarian ideology. For example communism is an ideology.
    Muslims are followers of Islam, and a good Muslim follows not just the will of Allah as spelt out in the Koran, but also the laws laid out in the Koran, Hadith etc. and the politics ads laid out in the Koran Hadith etc.

  3. islam is a totalitarian political ideology. It controls state, finance, defence, law, religion and every aspect of your personal life to how to wipe your bum. It was started in the 7th century by a megalomaniac warlord, rapist, slave trader, paedophile, thief and murderer who bribed and terrorised his followers into submission. Islam invades, populates and takes over other countries, then forcibly converts, enslaves or murders the inhabitants. The petrodollars have enabled this plan to go into process in western countries.

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