Australia: your free press in their hands

Andrew Bolt:

When will Labor learn that it’s not all about spin, but content?

 The content of the Gillard Government’s media “reforms” was abhorrent.–Crean slaps Conroy

Time for white smoke!

The Daily Telegraph has campaigned brilliantly to defend press freedom from the Gillard Government’s planned state control.

It’s latest front page should shame Labor MPs. Do they really want to be remembered as members of a government which tried to muzzle the press?

Ironically, an earlier front page of the Telegraph flushed out the journalists who believe it islegitimate for a government to propose laws to punish its media critics.

What a shameful time for not just Labor but so many journalists of the Left.


Independents seem dangerously attracted to state control over the media, but – thankfully – not to this particular attempt:

The Gillard government’s media reforms look certain to be shot down in their current form after key crossbenchers Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor said on Monday night that they would not support the package.

Mr Oakeshott told Prime Minister Julia Gillard – in person and in writing – on Monday that he would vote against all six bills.

He said he was unable to support the reforms because of ‘’weak policy and poor process’’ and the government’s handling of the issue had turned it into an ‘’own goal’’…

Mr Windsor told the ABC’s Lateline program he would not support the whole package of six bills, though some individual measures were worth considering.

‘’Talking to others in the crossbench today, I don’t think the numbers are there for a great portion of this to get through,’’ he said.