CAIR spokesturd in San Francisco: “Pamela Geller’s bus ads makes people worry about their safety”

Its not the bus-ads that make people worry about their safety. Its soldiers of allah like this CAIR-Hamas-MuBro headbanger who threaten people, and  who wage jihad against unbelievers.  Non-muslims must  resist these thugs.

ABC News calls Geller’s anti-Jihad ads “anti-Muslim”

Now opposing jihad is synonymous with anti-Muslim. How long before they insist we embrace 911?
Fight jihad: Contribute here.  (Pamela Geller)

This is the second time that the San Francisco city government has given the ad revenue from our campaigns to Muslim groups for inter-faith dialogue (a euphemism for dawah — proselytizing). San Francisco residents should demand a full accounting of how the close to $20,000 AFDI spent on SF ads. No taxpayer money should be used to advance a religion, proselytizing or supremacy of any kind.

I love how the Hamas-CAIR dissembler says, “It makes them uncomfortable to ride the buses, makes them worry about their safety and how people are looking at them.” Worry? About what? Imagine how the slaughtered, the subjugated, the beheaded, the oppressed, and the thousands of victims of jihad wars feel. Such blatant lying is an insult to our intelligence. As for the media…. what inteliigence? They are  irrational, incapable of reason.

San Francisco leaders denounce Muni ads as anti-Muslim ABC News

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – The debate over “free speech” versus “hate speech” has taken a new twist in San Francisco. City leaders are denouncing a new round of Muni bus ads they say are anti-Muslim and contain powerful images and inflammatory language.

The ads will run for one month and are placed on 10 out of the Muni system’s 800 buses. The sponsor paid $5,000, which Muni says will go to fund a study on the impact of discrimination in the Muslim community.

The ad shows Osama bin Laden and the burning twin towers. The tag line says, “That’s his jihad, what’s yours?” The campaign is the latest from the American Freedom Defense Initiative, which says it is educating America about what it calls the “greatest danger facing this country.”

“I don’t believe these ads in anyway says that all Muslims support jihad, but there have been over 20,500 deadly Islamic attacks since 9-11; that’s a problem and we need to talk about it,” Pamela Geller said.

Geller’s organization successfully sued a New York City transit agency when it tried to ban similar ads, which is why Muni feels legally obligated to accept them.

“Even though we disagree with the content of the ads, we don’t think it’s right to use taxpayer money to litigate over AFDI’s First Amendment rights,” SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose said.

Monday, San Francisco leaders and Bay Area Muslim Americans condemned the messages, calling them Islamophobic and offensive.

“We’re standing here together; there is no place in San Francisco for bigotry and racism,” San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon said.

“It makes them uncomfortable to ride the buses, makes them worry about their safety and how people are looking at them; it undermines the fabric of multi-culturalism,” Council On American-Islamic Relations spokesperson Zahra Billoo said.

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4 thoughts on “CAIR spokesturd in San Francisco: “Pamela Geller’s bus ads makes people worry about their safety””

  1. Hats off to Pam and Robert for this campaign.

    The only content in the ads are the quotes from influential Islamic scholars. They own their words.

    The protesting Muslims and SF City leaders are not saying anything negative about the provocative quotes from the influential followers of Islam who appear on the ads, but rather the messenger.

    These ads are a very effective tactic in getting the conversation started. Keep up the good work.

  2. moslems don’t like it when we ‘got their number’ – they prefer the surprise and then the …. KABOOOM! People should be afraid as the numbers of moslems growing, with over 84% of the mosques teaching intolerance and hate – and dying for their allah-thing as being the greatest thing that their widdle sociopaths can do, and even Inspire magazine tells them to go die for their allah-thing.

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