Canadian Police Become Sharia Enforcers

Free speecher arrested in Canuckistan

Only two weeks ago  the Supreme Court of Canada declared the criticism of homosexuality to be a hate crime. It goes without saying that the soldiers of allah enjoy the same, if not more rights.

Canuck Police Become Sharia Enforcers

Mocking Islam of course is illegal under sharia law. Enforcement of sharia is the only credible conclusion that can be drawn from the arrest.

Pat Condell on the Organisation of Islamic Criminals

France:  “No to Islam”, “No Minaret in our districts” is “racist”

Convicted for ‘Racist’ Posters that Said “No to Islam” and “No Minaret in Our Districts”

Perverse. Islam is not a race. If you oppose communism, does that make you “racist” also?

Truth is the New Hate Speech” (WizBang)

Pam Geller speaks at “the Univited” panel, a rapidly growing group of prominent CPAC blacklistees.

Human Rights Abuse, Sharia Style  (CFP)

“Under Shariah, the defacto situation is that people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, are being dehumanized on a daily basis all over the world by callous, barbaric and religiously approved Islamic tenets.”

4 thoughts on “Canadian Police Become Sharia Enforcers”

  1. A writer for MX recenly held that not liking the smell of curry coming from fellow travellers on public transport is “racist”. What hope do we have when “anti-racism” has gone this far? Will the West recover?

  2. Islam is ONLY an ancient, ongoing extortion-racket CRIME syndicate. One should be “allowed” to protest against both it and it’s members (moslems). One cannot say “National Socialism is evil, but individual nazis are A-OK with me!” Same with moslems.


    Anyone who accuses someone of the impossible – of being a “racist” towards something that is not a race (islam/moslems) should be arrested for public FRAUD, automatic, obvious slander, attempted extortion, (bullying, intimidation, coercion, duress, harrassment – terrorism) malicious litigation, etc etc etc – so WHY does this almost never happen?! Why do these law-salesmen we laughingly call “judges” and “prosecutors” in “the courts,” almost always pretend every obviously (‘prima facie’) frivilous and vexatious complaint must be treated with the utmost gravitas and consideration – thus becoming instantly complicit in the offenders’ harrassments by assisting them in blaming their victims, not to mention depriving said no longer presumed innocent until proven guilty victims of their time and money to defend them selves – in stead of simply dismissing them as the criminal harrassments they almost always in fact are?! And why aren’t these harassers then charged with public mischief and for wastng the court’s time and money? Why do these law salesmen always allow them selves to so publicly bring the justice system into disrepute? Oh wait – I’ve answered my own question again, haven’t I?


    Just found out the moslems are actually and officially in charge of appointing the judges in Canada’s largest province, Ontario: the judicial appointments committee – the Judicial Advisory Appointments Committee, or JAAC (as in “They don’t know JAAC”) is chaired by one Hanny HASSAN. Unbelievable – the head of the holy mobster mafia is in charge of vetting all the appointed judges here, too! Whee!

  3. Muslims have been working hard to get into controlling positions. We have noticed this in the immigration department and in the local councils. You want to be safe, then get these thugs removed – they should not be in these positions from which they can work against society unhindered.

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