China Jihad: 20 Muslims get “up to life” in prison for jihad plotting in Xinjiang

Dilxat Raxit, spokesman for the exiled World Uyghur Congress, said the 20 were actually guilty of no more than listening to the U.S.-funded Radio Free Asia and using the internet to discuss the importance of religious and cultural freedom.

20 Muslims get prison for jihad plotting in Xinjiang

Others say that the Chinese are trumping up the whole problem. Funny how everyone seems to imagine a jihad problem, yet no one really has one. “China jails 20 on jihad, separatism charges in restive Xinjiang,” from Reuters, March 27:

(Reuters) – Chinese courts have sentenced 20 people to up to life in jail on charges of separatism and plotting to carry out jihad in the restive far western region of Xinjiang, the government said on Wednesday.

Halal, Da’wa, Abrahamism

We (Muslims) need no education:

A teacher in Pakistan has been murdered in an attack similar to that on Malala Yousafzai, the schoolgirl blogger.

Abrahamic Mental Tosh:


DHAKA, March 27, 2013 (AFP) – Bangladesh has widened a crackdown on allegedly blasphemous blogs after a threat by Islamists to march to the capital demanding the prosecution of atheist bloggers, an official said Wednesday.

Halal Grub, Halal Aid

DUBAI: Noor Awqaf, a Dubai-based joint venture between Noor Investment Group and the Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation (AMAF), on Monday launched a ground-breaking humanitarian project that will give aid agencies around the world access to relief aid in Halal meat during natural disasters and famine.