Cultural Enrichment in Norway

Islam in Norway

“We have to understand that we, the white majority, are the problem”

Scandinavians envy Muslims, because Islam is a rich, unified culture while Swedish culture consists only of silliness like Midsummer’s Night:  Former Minister of Integration Mona Sahlin

If you wanted to give some innocent soul a quick education about how things operate in today’s Europe, you could do worse than to point to the career of a certain gentleman named Shoaib Sultan.

Norway: Salafist organisation allows men and women to mix in order to receive state funding (17,000 USD)

Authorities know that they are dealing with Salafists, radical headbangers, but in order to make them appear less savage they pay them handsomely to sit with their women. How cool is that?

Which side is making the greater, and potentially more dangerous, concession?

“To receive 100,000 kroner from the state, Islam Net must accept that women and men can sit together,” from NRK, October 28:

Norway pays  “opponents of forced marriage”  100,000 kroner for mixing…

The leader of Islam Net, Fahad Qureshi, will allow men and women to sit together to receive 100,000 NKR (17,000 USD) from Norwegian taxpayers.

“We are aware that the the organisation preaches a conservative version of Islam. We nevertheless think it is right to support this organization because they are known as opponents of forced marriage,” says section leader Morten Tjessem to

But the money comes with requirements that men and women will be allowed to sit next to each other.

The reason is that Islam Net previously arranged meetings at Oslo University College, where men and women used separate entrances….

The Islam researcher and former head of the Norwegian Humanist Association Lars Gule disagrees. Also, Gule attended meetings with Islam Net, and he has a different opinion.

According to Gule, Islam Net has an undemocratic, misogynist organizational structure with extreme goals and values.

“Islam Net is a salafist organization. They are not jihadists who advocate violence, but they believe that equality, democracy, and equality of Muslims and non-Muslims is contrary to God’s will,” the researcher claims.

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  1. Norway – you are a joke – get these mohammedans out of your country if you want to save your country.

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