Da’awa & Islamo Prop at Melbourne Showgrounds 15/17 March 2013.

Islamic Propaganda  Hatefest Downunder

“We are not like Buddhists wearing an orange dress and always saying: “We want peace”, and you never get your own country. No, we fight for our country.”– (that means our country belongs to the soldiers of allah already)

A big Islamic Show’n’Tell is coming to Melbourne on the weekend 15/17 March 2013. The organisers expect  20,000 faithful and curious to attend for $50 per head.
Assorted fanatics, dahwa gigolos, misogynists, homophobes, Zion-hassers and Koranic hate preachers from all over the Islamic world have been invited to converge upon Melbourne and spruik the message to Australians how wonderful Islam would  be for all of us — if only we understood it properly.
Surprisingly this Islamic propaganda fest is not held in a mosque or interfaith centre, but at the Melbourne showgrounds. This is where Victorians visit the big annual agricultural show and cuddle little pigs, taste aromatic smoked bacon and  sample what local wineries, breweries and distilleries have on offer. All things outlawed under penalty in Islamic sharia.
Unlike the recent tour of elected Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders warning us of socio-political impact of Islam,  for which it was near impossible to get a visa, find venues, advertising partners, payment facilities etc, none of such  road blocks where thrown in the way of this Islamic hate fest.
The hypocritical opportunism could be no more obvious, and Andrew Bolt has written a well-researched column here.
This venue is owned by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV). We wonder whether the RASV understands what they are really hosting within their grounds. Do they understand what Islam has in mind for their members who  make a reputable living from growing wine, brewing beer or raising pigs; not to mention the female half of the agricultural industry.
If you share our opinion this is the pinnacle of hypocrisy, and that this form of religious propaganda does not belong in our secular  spaces, why don’t you send the RASV a letter, or put in a call and let them know what you think?
Contact details are:
The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria Limited
Melbourne Showgrounds
Epsom Road
Ascot Vale VIC 3032
Phone: 03 9281 7444
Fax: 03 9281 7592
1.) Write a letter and call the RASV and tell them what you think.
2.) Ask your local MP and Senator whether s/he supports this propaganda event in the showgrounds.
3.) Contact the RASV office bearers and have a word with them.
Australian Christians previously circulated a media statement about this – here are some further recommendations from those close to the issue.
Vickie Janson

Subject: Responding to the Islamic “Peace Conference” planned for March 15,16,17

http://ireaworld.com.au/main/images/igallery/resized/301-400/AIPC4-323-600-450-100-rd.pngOn March 15,16,17,  a radical Muslim group (The Islamic Research and Educational Academy – IREA) aims to host a 3 day “Peace Conference” at the Melbourne Showgrounds in Ascot Vale.

Although it is being promoted as an interfaith program which ‘welcomes people of all faiths’, an audiotape of a planning meeting in December shows its real intent. The organiser, Waseem Razvi, said at that meeting: Comparative Religion is our tool which we use to convey the message of Islam…we want to make Islam the fastest growing religion [in Australia] in the next five years …we need to have interfaith, multifaith and debates with the non-Muslim community to engage them, and to bring them over to Islam… We don’t accept every religion. We are there to convey the message that Islam is the only right religion …We want the dawah [Islamic propagation] to reach the authorities. So unless we invite them for an event like this, if you call the Prime Minister to the Islamic centre or the mosque, it’s not going to happen, so we need to have a bigger event … so we can convey the message to them…The title of the conference is Australian Islamic Peace conference… but the main purpose of the entire conference is dawah. So most of our topics will be revolving around dawah.” 1000 preachers of Islam are being trained for this event, according to the IREA website IREAWORLD.org

The taped meeting also revealed the following:

(1) The Prime Minister, Premier, Commissioner of Police, MPs, church leaders, and other community leaders were being invited in the hope that they will become Muslims

(2) The 20 invited international speakers (who are all Muslims) have been banned from countries such as the UK and Canada for promoting terrorism, or called for the annihilation of the Jews,  endorsed violent jihad, villified gay people, made misogynist statements, promoted circumcision (i.e. genital mutilation) of girls, and advocated the execution of those who leave Islam.

(3) The local Muslim speakers, listed on the IREA website, have encouraged the beating of women, spoken in support of known terrorists and called for Sharia law in Australia.

(4) The organiser Waseem Razvi endorses the amputation of hands (of thieves) and the death penalty (for adulterers). He is an Islamic supremacist, claiming that “Muslims are the best of mankind” and that “Islam will be victorious over all other religions”.

(5) The Conference will be used to launch 20 Islamic schools in Australia to fund Muslim preachers using teacher salaries. Children as age as 5 will also be trained for Islamic outreach using curriculum from Saudi Arabia.

(6) The Conference will segregate men and women in accordance with fundamentalist Islamic law – no women speakers are listed

Some articles which give details about these and other aspects of this conference are attached, as well as a transcript of the audio of the planning meeting.

Here are links to newspaper articles about this conference written by

(a) Barney Zwartz of the Age:  http://www.theage.com.au/national/fiery-imam-invited-to-speak-here-20121211-2b7td.html

(b) Andrew Bolt of the Herald Sun:  http://blogs.news.com.au/heraldsun/andrewbolt/index.php/heraldsun/comments/if_wilders_is_wrong_explain_this_conference/ and


(c) Australian Jewish News:  http://www.jewishnews.net.au/tag/abdul-rahman-al-sudais



In response, we would like you to do the following:

·         (1) Contact Mark O’Sullivan CEO,  Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV), Melbourne Showgrounds,  Epsom Road  ASCOT VALE  3031 Email:   info@melbourneshowgrounds.com  Phone: (03) 9281 7444. Tell him that this event is being misrepresented in its advertising and is likely to cause social disruption in the Australian community based on past statements of the invited speakers. It should be cancelled under RASV regulation 7.2 (i)  Seehttp://www.rasv.com.au/Files_Content/general_regulations_non_animal.pdf . Major sponsors of the RASV include the Australian International Beer Awards and the Royal Melbourne Wine Show

(2)   Cut and paste the above information (do not use the ‘Forward’ facility) and send it onto your MP, newspapers and church leaders to warn people about not attending this bogus “Peace Conference”.

(3)   Forward this to everyone you know who will act on this information. Another email will be sent closer to the event.

A Message from Jeff:
Waseem Razvi wants us all to know about the five pillars of Islam.
We should help him here:
The first pillar, faith, has a doctrine which call on Muslims to hate Australians.
The Islamic law manual takes up this idea and suggests Muslims are unyielding to us, detesting us.
This is the basis of Islamic Apartheid.
This is why we have segregated toilets, washrooms, prayer rooms and swimming pools.
Can someone please ask Waseem Razvi this question?
“If Muslims are serious about assimilating into Australian society, when will you close down your segregated facilities and share common toilets, washrooms, prayer rooms and swimming pools with all Australians?”.
“If you won’t close down these facilities, can we assume Muslims don’t want to assimilate and become Australians?”
The third pillar of faith is charity or zakat.
Muslims are forbidden from giving charity to Australians because we are kafirs. [Law h8.24]
Can someone please ask this question?
“Will you confirm that under Islamic law, Muslims are not allowed to give charity to Australians?”
In fact people need to understand what the true pillars of Islam are, and they are:
1. Hating
2. Killing
3. Lying
A document is attached “The True Pillars of Islam”.
I would like to see catchy placards on display everywhere.
Allah HATES Australians
    [Sura 40:35]
Islam is at war with Australians
    [Law o9.0,1 Reliance of Traveller]

16 thoughts on “Da’awa & Islamo Prop at Melbourne Showgrounds 15/17 March 2013.”

  1. President of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry Danny Lamm said: “If the reports of his inciteful rhetoric about Jews is correct, those hate-filled messages are unwelcome in Australia.”

    hahaha that will frighten the horses (or camels in this case) dontcha fink?

    So why did you, Mr. Lamm-to-the-slaughter, “in the name of the Jewish communities in Australia” defame and “distance yourself” from the honorable Geert Wilders during his recent visit who – to his own disadvantage stands up for the Jews and Israel? You obviously hoped that those who want all Jews dead, and Israel wiped from the face of the earth, might accept your cowardice as a lovely dhimmy bum kiss? Sorry, but representatives of the Jewish communities who acted in such cowardly and rude ways towards Geert Wilders just recently, plus all those who jumped on their bandwagon, media and nearly ALL our politicians, have lost my respect.

    As I said elsewhere, if I were Anne Frank, I would feel safer in a Holland of Geert Wilders, than in an Australia with cowards like that.


    So, and now, having vented I will read the other informations in this thread which, I presume, validate all the points Geert Wilders has made.

  2. Reminds me of R.A.Heinlein’s Puppet Masters, where people are secretly ‘recruited’ until the heads of government are all puppets of the new regime.

  3. Guessing by defect what will be with Islam in Australia – taking in due account the actual average attitude of the people – I would say that we’ll have a Meccan stage with a delusional “Al-Andalus-Leftist syncretism” alias “Global Peace and Security”, followed by a “Leftist syncretistic” shock due to a sudden Medinan confrontation with too-late-awaken Australians and however weakly objected by the Vatican.
    Order will be imposed by a Federal Western Dictatorship – Constantinian but not Socialist – and Islam assured a role of prominence. Next step is the persecution of true Judeo-Christians – as secularist will quickly review their noble objective and only few will stand for freedom. Good Luck Australians

  4. A man who learned Sharia in one of their own universities told the audience that da’wa is NOT a ‘call’ to islam but a ‘demand’ to come to islam… so you will be safe. (safe?! More moslems kill other moslems than anyone else, and they have a very, high death rate in islamic countries – rape rate – pour acid/chopping off hands/cutting clits/taking slaves and abusing them in all ways one can think of, pedophilia, etc. That is what moslems call ‘safe’ – it is about as inane as their definition for ‘peace’.

    1. ” Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity.” Winston Churchill

  5. Seeing this is an ISLAMIC PEACE conference and, in Islam, Peace is achieved by people submitting to Allah, it is be expected that the whole shebang is propoganda and worse, is designed to create a mob mentality to overpower the free will of the suckers who are taken in by the taqiyya and attend nervously hoping that by doing so they will convince the nice muslims to convince the not so nice muslims to be dinky-di.

  6. I am concerned that I-Nazifascism may awake mainstream NF and further radicalise U-Nazi-fascism… and then the mess and the blame fall on J-Xians. Ideologies are confused and prone to a mass hysteria coagulating in a polarised NF at the expense of the Truth and Freedom. Islam is playing with fire and might really cause first a fake global peace (Peace&Safety), then the fulfilment of Psalm 2 followed by the 3d WW. If this is correct Jeshua is close to come and we should look up for the New Jerusalem while resistance for freedom is still and however a must. When Hysteria takes place “dinky-di” is first step to Sturmtruppen. Post-JXians society are all exposed to this Hysteria in spite Freud would disagree and Australia seems determined to walk on the same path.

  7. Hang a moment… Is is the same god who – prior to Islam – has 3 daughters Al-Lat, Al-Uzza and Manat later deleted from Quran? Better Australian do their homework before leaving YHWH for Allah. Easy – search the Net and Youtube and think what the meaning of the crescent and star on the Aussie flag deprived of the Southern Cross will be. Deleted verse because from Satan? Even the accusation the People of the Book falsified their Book… Can you imagine Jesus preaching the Sermon on the Mount and then saying: “… sorry I did not mean the meek… that was from Satan… but we’ll fix it! Uhm… better you do your homework!

  8. If you have a “Phobia” on behalf of Australia… better you behave yourself and stop fearing as it could be the one Mr Erdogan says it is a crime against humanity. When you wake up in the morning say 100 times while you shave: “No worries! Aussies will for ever and ever have a bloody beer while cooking pork sausages on weekend’s barbecues.”

  9. The Booze & Pork producers need to get behind us because they will lose it all if Islam takes over. Just like food producers, the pharmaceutical industry and everyone else pays the jiziya (halal racket) to the soldiers of allah, we need funding to fight it.

    I won’t hold my breath. They are pig ignorant and will laugh at us.

  10. Is U-NFascim any thing to do with polarised to I-NF called “usraeltar…” as a long planned attempt to reach a NWO before Islam or any other ideology does? If this is the case 3d WW could be realistic if Islam keeps pushing the Jihad in their lands and now even in the West. I can see why “U” and “I” are more than plenty as codes. Theoretically “U” code could be not just watching the proselytising “Dawah” taking place… Maybe “U” is not exactly NF but just NWO plutocracy to keep the pieces together and rule on them with a new and global “Pax Romana”.
    Islamic Intelligentia should check their Mats if it could be better adopting current Western Democracy and cooperate with true J-Xnity instead of assuredly reawakening Caesar.

  11. “pig ignorant and will laugh at us.”

    Yep, pig ignorant until it cuts into their profits.

  12. Why 1000 preachers trained for the event? Massive proselytism is going to take place. In other words this is a spiritual war on the traditional Judeo-Christian fabric and heritage of Australia – a final push to cause the country cutting the ties with the Bible and derived historical democracy linked with the Pilgrim Fathers and UK. Instead of preaching “Signs&Wonders” true Christianity should at least organise some essential literature to explain the degree of loss (for the Civitas/Polis and individuals) of leaving the Gospel – Salvation by the Passion and the Blood of Christ on the Cross – behind. Austyralia must be made aware they are at the crossroad to pick an alternative civilisation with likely no way back.

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