Demon possessed: “I could not believe that this was me,” Ahmed said

They can’t wait to have him back. The hopelessly corrupt Labour party will cling to him until he blows up the parliament. Ahmed got away with murder before, and he will  do whatever it takes to hold on to the reigns of power. Fellow Mustard Mehdi Hasan (who holds identical views) tells PuffHo readers that being a sorry MoFo is good enough, so lets get over it:


A BRITISH  Paki Muslim peer  Muselmaniac who caused outrage by blaming a Jewish conspiracy for his imprisonment over a fatal car crash has offered an unreserved apology for his “unacceptable” remarks.  (Telegraph)

Pakistan-born Nazir Ahmed was suspended from the opposition Labour party when the comments, made to a Pakistani television station, were published in The Times newspaper earlier this month.

Speaking in Urdu, the 55-year-old had attributed a judge’s decision to jail him for dangerous driving four years ago to pressure from Jews “who own newspapers and TV channels”.

“I completely and unreservedly apologise to the Jewish community, to the judiciary, to the newspaper owners,” Ahmed said in an interview with the Huffington Post in Britain.

Ahmed was appointed in 1998 as Britain’s first Muslim member of the House of Lords.

He struggled to explain why he made the remarks, saying: “It must have been a twisted mind that said those things.”

When he saw the video on The Times website, “I could not believe that this was me,” Ahmed said, adding: “I cannot honestly say why.”

He apologised to his colleagues in the Labour party, from which he was previously suspended in 2012 for allegedly offering a bounty for the capture of US President Barack Obama and former president George W Bush. He denied the comments and was later reinstated.

“I’m particularly sorry to all my colleagues in the House of Lords and in the House of Commons, because one thing many of them know is that I’m not anti-Semitic or a conspiracy theorist,” Ahmed said.

Ahmed was driving along a motorway in northern England on Christmas Day in 2007 when he hit a stationary vehicle, killing the 28-year-old Slovakian driver.

5 thoughts on “Demon possessed: “I could not believe that this was me,” Ahmed said”

  1. Most Jews I have spoken to do not believe Ahmed is sorry at all. In his arrogance he did what Islamists do – say one thing to his Pakistani Islamist friends, the truth according to his views – while here in the UK he promotes a persona of tolerance – and he got caught out.

    For a Muslim, to be shamed in this way is an anathema, and the fact that it impacted on his hubris-laden view that as a Lord, he is above the law – could not be borne.

    He “apologised” merely to get back what he sees as his former glory, and it’s obvious that his Muslim supporters know that he is doing what Muslims do best – lying to kuffar in order to advance Islam and Muslims. Such is his disrespect for Jews and his Labour party colleagues he will surely use Muslim duplicity to worm his way back in to favour by being contrite – and of course Milliband etc. will accept it, and forget it. Ahmed will see that as a victory.

    If Ahmed had no ulterior motives, he would have apologised directly to the Chief Rabbi, as religious leader of the Jewish community in the UK, not via Mehdi Hassan, himself a Muslim who shape-shifts when it suits his Islamic interests. I doubt, however, even if he had made his “apology” this way – he would have been believed.

  2. completely thick, he didn’t think any one would bother with what he said in pakistan, the blame lies with blair the traitorous bastard that put this twat into the house of lords in the first place,let’s not forget that…. he hates the english as much as this arsehole ahmed.

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