Do we really want a terrorist propaganda factory right here in America?

Thanks to Diana West and Creeping Sharia:

Sen. Feinstein’s Husband a Board Member and Point Man on Current TV Sale to Al Jazeera

The US senator’s spouse assisted in enabling the propaganda arm of a repressive dictatorship to gain access to US audiences.  The Senator’s family coffers now slosh with new dictatorship monies. How can that possibly be in the best interest of the Constitution to Senator has sworn to uphold?

Feinstein, Blum and Gore

Via Drudge, a Hollywood Reporter story on a $5 million lawsuit filed by a consultant who was cut out of a share of the Current TV/Al Jazeera deal. What is even more interesting is the key role David Blum, Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s husband and a Current TV boardmember, played in presenting the deal to the rest of the board.

The plaintiff, media consultant John Terenzio, seems to specialize in handling propaganda-disseminating organs of state dictatorships (China, Qatar) for US markets.

Terenzio says that in June, he identified Current TV as a potential acquisition target for Al Jazeera given its vast distribution network and well-publicized financial woes.  (More on Feinstein’s Husband)

Lets not mince words, Feinstein is a lunatic:

Sen. Feinstein Makes Wild Claim to Push Gun Control at Senate Committee Hearing
“The time has come, America, to step up and ban these weapons.”–Comments »

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