French professor: “western ignorance… values of Islam, tolerance, the West needs to promote world peace…”

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There is a reason why Islam is called “the religion of the professors”. Too many sell their favours like cheap whores.

Iqbal Chair to be established in Paris soon: Dr Lamand

ISLAMABAD – Professor Dr Francis Lamand, a renowned French scholar who has been awarded Tamgha-e-Imtiaz for his services in bringing Islam and the West closer, has expressed the hope that Iqbal Chair would be established soon in Paris as France compared to other European counties has the largest Muslim population.

Francis Lamand is a French professor of Philosophy, an international lawyer and a former diplomat. Committed to the promotion of Islamic values in the West, Dr. Lamand has been striving to bring about understanding between the Islamic East and the Christian West.

Me thinks Lamand is not just a cheap whore. He smells like a “revert”.


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U.S. Da’wa:

POMONA – Christians, Jews and Muslims gathered at the Islamic Center of Claremont for the third annual Interfaith Seder Experience. …Contra Costa Times

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