Australia: Genocidal Saudi Mufti who calls Jews “scum of humanity” &”pigs and monkeys” welcome. Geert Wilders? Not so…


Muslim conference in strife, despite excuses for the radicals

Australian Immigration Department:

“It is not illegal to hold radical views”– (except when Geert Wilders shows up, then everything becomes illegal, instantly…)

We must not offend..we must not offend – Muslims at any cost.

Jews are “scum, rats, pigs and monkeys”

Christians are “cross-worshippers”

Hindus “idol worshippers”

Jew-hating imam to be speaker

BY:RACHEL BAXENDALE From: The Australian March 12, 2013

THE imam of the Grand Mosque of Mecca, who has called for the annihilation of Jews, is scheduled to give the keynote address at the Australian Islamic Peace Conference in Melbourne this weekend.

The attendance of Abdul Rahman al-Sudais will come despite calls from the Executive Council of Australian Jewry and several Christian groups for the imam to be denied entry to Australia.

Sheik Sudais, who has called for violent jihad, has been denied entry to the US and Canada after describing Jews as “the scum of humanity” and “pigs and monkeys”. The 53-year-old’s name and face do not appear on the event leaflets, which were posted on the conference Facebook page on Sunday evening.

Instead, they denote him as “Imam of Makkah” and show the Saudi in profile, with a cloth obstructing his facial features.

They also note that conference guests “are subject to visa approval as well as their personal circumstances”. Federation of Islamic Councils assistant secretary Keysar Trad said there was no comparison to be made between calls for Dutch anti-Islam activist Geert Wilders to be denied a visa on his recent visit to Australia, and similar calls regarding Sheik Sudais.


“One person may have made comments in anger. The other has made it his personal mission to go around the world telling lies about Muslims,” Mr Trad said.

Trad, you lying f*kc!   What lies? Show me where Wilders has ever abused Muslims as Imam Sudais has abused Jews, even calling for God to “terminate” them. We know who the liar is. We know what’s in Koran, sira and hadith.

An Immigration Department spokesman was unable to confirm whether or not Sheik Sudais had been granted a visa for privacy reasons, but he said anyone who wished to enter Australia must be assessed against character and health requirements.

“It is not illegal to hold radical views, but visitors to Australia should be aware we do have laws against inciting violence and racial vilification,” he said.

Other invited conference guests include Australian Sheik Abu Hamza, who ridiculed laws that prohibit rape within marriage, and Sheik Assim al-Hakeem, from the United Arab Emirates, who has called for homosexuality to be punished by death and on his website compares gay people to “animals that seek only their sexual satisfaction through their weird ways”.

Sheik Sudais is not listed among the speakers on the conference website, which touts the occasion as the “largest, biggest and best ever Islamic event in the history of Australia” and says it aims to build links with other faiths and the broader Australian society.

Conference organiser Waseem Rizvi, of the Islamic Research and Educational Academy, had previously been recorded boasting that Julia Gillard was among guests who had accepted invitations to speak at the conference.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister yesterday confirmed she had received an invitation, but conference organisers had been advised she was unable to attend.

Ms Gillard will be in Melbourne on Saturday morning, attending an event at Essendon Airport, two suburbs away from the three-day conference. Conference organisers have declined repeated requests for comment from several media organisations including The Australian.

Mr Trad said Sheik Sudais was renowned for his recitations of the Koran.

“People can change and sometimes they say comments out of anger which they would retract when they calm down,” he said.

“I would hope he would retract these comments and reconcile with the people he may have offended.”


Sheikh Abdur-Rahman al-Sudays, Imam of the Ka’ba  is the same person as Sheikh Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sudayyis, Imam of the Al-Haraam mosque in Mecca, who has delivered himself of the following gems:

In one of his sermons … Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sudayyis… beseeched Allah to annihilate the Jews. He also urged the Arabs to give up peace initiatives with them because they are “the scum of the human race, the rats of the world, the violators of pacts and agreements, the murderers of the prophets, and the offspring of apes and pigs.”

“Read history,” called Al-Sudayyis in another sermon, “and you will understand that the Jews of yesterday are the evil fathers of the Jews of today, who are evil offspring, infidels, distorters of [others’] words, calf-worshippers, prophet-murderers, prophecy-deniers… the scum of the human race ‘whom Allah cursed and turned into apes and pigs…’ These are the Jews, an ongoing continuum of deceit, obstinacy, licentiousness, evil, and corruption.”

5 thoughts on “Australia: Genocidal Saudi Mufti who calls Jews “scum of humanity” &”pigs and monkeys” welcome. Geert Wilders? Not so…”

  1. Projection by the mufti. Jews try to make the world a better place. The actual “scum of humanity” would destroy it in two ticks, given the chance.

  2. I say – let him speak – and have the MSM listen and publish.
    If we don’t publish what they preach, how can we fight them?
    Silence is support – getting their message out their is hate speech – getting them on record saying it is our only chance to beat this thing.

  3. Keysar Trad tries his old “out of context” excuse: …


    The Quran (compiled by length of verses, NOT by time)
    has only an immediate context, i.e. previous/following verse(s)
    … and only the Doctrine of Abrogation in it 2:106

    (certainly for beginners) The Quran is “easy to understand” 44:58, 54:22, 54:32, 54:40 “no doubt” 2:2 in it 32:2, 3 “…which there is no doubt”

    Allah, 5:51 “O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors”

  4. Let’s see what they say. Nevertheless 1000 trained preachers will be targeting naive young Australians inclined to make decisions without data and historical memory. It is a test for the Country as it will show to what degree the Australian Intelligentia will cope with this event with the awareness of their true identity. It is also a test for all the Christian Churches…

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