German spies accused of racism, Islamophobia

German spies accused of racism, Islamophobia (The Local)

Remember the case of John Coughlin and Hesham Islam, the CIA infil-traitor with a dodgy resume’? Remember how he got rid of the best counterjihad instructor the CIA ever  had,  Major John Coughlin? The soldiers of allah are are using  the same trick, they work from the same playbook. Works like a charm. It is scandalous  that the spy agency bows and scrapes over this Muselmanic blackmail. “Muselmann” is in no way derogatory; it is what Muslims call each other from Afghanistan to Timbuktu. It is ludicrous, just like the OIC’s efforts to get words like “Islamist” banned.

These spies are accused by the usual suspects, and in the present PC climate it is highly likely that they will be replaced by soldiers of allah who will be paid plenty of jiziya to keep us save from them.

Germany’s domestic intelligence agency is a hotbed of “institutional racism,” where Islamophobic, racist and offensive remarks are an everyday occurrence, a newspaper reported on Friday.


Germany’s security service the Verfassungsschutz is a hornet’s nest of conflict, envy, jealousy and inappropriate insults, wrote the Süddeutsche Zeitung, citing inside sources.

And they aren’t just innocent office jokes. Employees of the department tasked with observing militant Islamists reportedly throw around deeply offensive, Nazi-affiliated words in private of the kind which would be unthinkable in a public setting.

These range from Herrenrasse, the German for “master race” to Muselmann – originally a German word meaning “Muslim man” later used by the Nazis as a slang word for emaciated death camp inmates who had surrendered to their fate – to Ölauge, a derogatory name for “greasy” dark-eyed foreigners.

In one case currently the subject of an internal investigation, an agency employee is said to have offended co-workers in his office by positioning a doll of a Teutonic Knight with his sword pointing at a miniature mosque, wrote the paper.

The highly secretive intelligence agency declined to comment on the investigation into the doll incident, but the paper reported mixed views among internal sources.
While some insisted the incident was an isolated, one-off occurrence, others told paper the issue of racism was not being dealt with at all within the agency.

Kenan Kolat, head of the Turkish Community in Germany told the paper he believed there was “institutional racism” at work in the agency, even if every individual employee was not themselves racist. Kolat pointed to the lack of diversity among intelligence agents – and described the service as a “purely German institution.”

An agency spokesman denied this, and told the paper German intelligence officials were recruited from many different linguistic and cultural backgrounds, yet declined to give any statistics on the organisation’s ethnic make-up.

This is the latest scandal to hit the Verfassungsschutz, or Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, an organisation still reeling from accusations that agents shredded vital information relating to the neo-Nazi National Socialist Underground (NSU) terror group, suspected of carrying out nine race-based murders over a ten year period.

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One thought on “German spies accused of racism, Islamophobia”

  1. …and yet, the muzi’s OFFICIAL, “holy” word (right from it’s Qur’anic chapter/Sura title, “al-Kafirun”) for all non-moslems is: Kuffar/ Kaffir, – which literally means, “THE DIRT.”

    Sharia confirms, all infidels are “as dead matter” to allah; they are so worthless they are already dead, so no guilt accrues to anyone who wants to extort, torture, harrass, maim, rape, anslave, of murder any of them (us).

    So these leftards (Liberalism, being only group victimology sales, is bigotted, prejudicial STEREOTYPING; pure idolatry; their endless “class”(ification) wars are fraud: backwards fantasies presented as fact; lies) find it “shocking” that the German protection agency, tasked with keeping Germany safe for Germans, isn’t “diverse” enough to include those self-declared enemies who want to destroy it! *GASP!*

    “Tolerance becomes a crime, when applied to evil.”

    -Thomas Mann-

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