Germany will not be Islamic!

You wish!

Update from Cheradenine Zakalwe:

Muslims Demand Islamic Holidays in Germany!

Try to demand that from Turkey, or from any other failed Islamic state!

Mazyek babbles stupidly about “integration”- knowing perfectly well that in the words of Turkey’s sultan Tayyib Erdogan integration is a “crime against humanity”…..

The central council of Muslims in Germany has spoken out in favour of the introduction of legal Islamic holidays. The central council’s chairman Aiman Mazyek suggested one day each in the fasting month of Ramadan and at the time of the Islamic Festival of Sacrifice. That would be “an important symbol of integration policy” and would underlin “the tolerance in our society”, said Mazyek in the periodicals of the “WAZ” group on Thursday. (FAZ)

Germany: Leftist Mob Beats up Leading Anti-Islam Politician

Following the recent plot to assassinate a leading activist within the anti-Islam Pro NRW party in Germany, the leftist wing of the Jihad movement has taken up the cause. Yesterday Jörg Uckermann was pelted with an egg, the force of which knocked him to the ground, where he struck his head. He was later treated in hospital for concussion. Today he was assaulted and beaten up by a leftist mob as he tried to enter the council chamber to attend a debate.

The council meeting had to be called off shortly after it started. Hundreds of demonstrators had been gathering in from of the town hall since the early morning. Some from the left-wing spectrum had attacked the member of the Pro Köln group and prevented him entering the town hall, said a police spokesman. Three left-wingers were temporarily arrested.

Source: PI/Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

Young German patriots have joined the French ‘Generation Identity’ movement against Islamization and Multiculturalism (BNI)

Germany: High-street tensions over mosque proposal

Plans for Islamic center in Munich spark ongoing demonstrations (The Prague Post)

It is a bright Saturday afternoon in Munich, and the streets are packed, but not everyone is shopping or sightseeing. In one corner of the city center, opposing groups are squaring off as part of an ongoing series of confrontations that demonstrate the controversy surrounding the status of Islam in Germany and, indeed, Europe.

Just to the west of the city’s celebrated Neues Rathaus, Michael Stürzenberger from the right-wing party Die Freiheit is in a verbal battle with a group of self-styled anti-fascist campaigners.

As Stürzenberger uses a microphone to denounce plans for a “European Islamic center” in the capital of Bavaria, his opponents try to drown him out with their own cries. Police look on and record the scene on video.

Such confrontations are not new to Munich, a city of 1.3 million, with campaigns over mosque building dating to at least the mid-2000s. Stürzenberger, the Bavarian head and a national deputy of Die Freiheit (Freedom), founded in 2010 by officials who broke away from the center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU), said there were “a lot of reasons why we should be concerned” about the project, known officially as the Zentrum für Islam in Europa München (Munich Center for Islam in Europe).

Among the concerns he cites are that those behind the proposed Islamic center – which would include a teaching academy for imams, a library, community center and a grand mosque – have had contact with blacklisted organizations. He also says funding could come from Qatar, a Gulf state that he says has channeled millions of dollars to terror groups. In 2011, the country was criticized by U.S. officials for being a “permissive environment for extremist funding.”

More broadly, Stürzenberger says Islam is often linked to violence and claims local Muslims have in the past said only a police presence stops them from attacking him. “If Islam was a religion of peace, and if Islam didn’t kill people every day, we wouldn’t mind. In Munich, many [Muslims] are integrated, but we have a growing number of radical Muslims,” he said.

Munich, the capital of Bavaria, has a Muslim population of about 120,000, and signs of Arab or Islamic culture are not difficult to find in the city, whether shisha cafés or pedestrians wearing traditional clothing. The city is also a magnet for Gulf tourists, with about 80,000 visiting each summer; in 2010, the Bavarian newspaper Abendzeitung even published a large greeting for them in Arabic.

The number of Muslim residents and wealthy visitors is the reason why, according to Stürzenberger, mainstream political parties such as the CDU are reluctant to oppose the Islamic center. Offering a stark contrast to the welcome once offered by Abendzeitung, Stürzenberger’s campaigners wear placards bearing an image of a mosque crossed out in red. They have been collecting signatures, saying they hope to trigger a referendum on whether the Islamic center should be allowed. Currently they have 23,000 names, and Stürzenberger said once 34,000 have been collected a vote will have to be called.

“More and more people are supporting us because this is very important for Europe,” he said.

Tensions have flared over proposed mosques in other parts of Germany, where the Muslim population is believed to number up to 4.3 million, about two-thirds of whom are of Turkish origin. Sensitivities over the “Islamization” of the country have run particularly high given that Christianity has sometimes appeared to be facing a decline, with many churches converted to civilian use as congregations shrink. In neighboring Switzerland, there have been similar controversies; in 2009, the public voted to ban the construction of minarets.

The imam behind Munich’s proposed center, Benjamin Idriz, who was born in Skopje, Macedonia, leads an Islamic Forum in nearby Penzburg that was cited by Bavarian security officials as having had contact with extremist organizations, although there is no evidence actual support was given to these groups. Idriz himself is often seen as an open and progressive figure, being the author of a book titled Good Day, Mr. Imam, which puts the case for reform in Islam. Only this month he gave a sermon at St. Luke’s Church in Munich about the shared values of Christianity and Islam.

His proposals have received support from leaders of the Jewish, Catholic and Protestant communities. Supporters say the center would teach imams in German, embedding their work more closely within the society in which they operate.

Christian Scheider, a union official linked to an alliance of groups campaigning against “right-wing populism,” insists the project is being advanced by Muslims who “are not conservative.” “They want to pray in German. They want women and men to stand on the same stage,” he said. “There’s a synagogue here; there’s a Catholic church. It’s OK. It’s a mosque. It’s no problem.”

He even compares the controversy with events in Germany in the middle of the 20th century. “If you are scared and [what] you hear [makes you] more scared … that’s a problem. We had that in Germany. We had that with the Jews. [We were told] they want our money. It’s not the same but it’s not very different,” he said.

As the debate continues, there are likely to be many more Saturday afternoons where Stürzenberger speaks with his microphone while pro-mosque activists try to drown him out. On this high-street battleground, things seem to be tipping more in favor of the pro-mosque campaigners.

“Before he had a very loud megaphone, but the police forbade him,” Scheider said with a smile. “They said it must be just 95 decibels.”

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  1. …”His (the Iman’s) proposals have received support from leaders of the Jewish, Catholic and Protestant communities. Supporters say the center would teach imams in German, embedding their work more closely within the society in which they operate.”…

    Bavarian-born, catholic-educated I am nauseated by this repeat of history. And no, I dont mean – as Islamists and their poisenous enablers from the Unions and the Left would have us believe that “Muslims are the new Jews”. Quite the contrary: Muslims/Jihadists and their socialist enablers are the new NAZIS!.
    So, I dont know whether to vomit or to despair, when I see the “support for their own anihilation” of Jewish leaders. I am less surprised by the Catholic Leaders – they were on the side of the Nazis before. As to the protestants: Anti-Semitism is in their DNA since Luther and so they are the natural friends of of Muslims who’s koran tells them to kill Jews.

    I fully support and even admire the French “generation identitaire”, I hope that ethic will take in the German Youth also. And dont believe those you tell you that they are “anti-semitic”, their agenda is to divide and rule. The “dividing” is very much advanced, their “ruling” is not far behind.
    DONT GIVE IN !!!

  2. The council meeting had to be called off shortly after it started … because the complicit police refused to arrest the extortionist gangsters for assault.

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