Gillard Embiggens Ostraya

Labor’s policy on asylum-seeker boat arrivals is in ruins.

It is a personal political humiliation for Gillard on one of the three issues she pledged to fix on becoming Prime Minister. (Humiliation? No way: you cannot humiliate a Fabian socialist. They have no shame.)

The Big Australia Gillard claimed she’d limit  (Andrew Bolt)

We have half a million Australians out of work. The economy is flattening. The cities are so full that city traffic is often a nightmare. We’ve run out of money for big-scale building of new roads and train lines.


So how on earth does this make sense:

JULIA Gillard is steering the nation’s population on a course to more than 40 million by 2050, despite warning just three years ago against “hurtling towards a big Australia”.

New figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics today show net overseas migration jumped by almost a third, to 228,000, in the 12 months to September 30 last year.

When the Prime Minister vowed, in the 2010 election campaign, to work towards a “sustainable Australia”, net overseas migration was running at about 176,000 a year.

Add the birth rate, and we are increasing our population by the equivalent of the city of Adelaide every three years. Do see anything remotely like that scale of infrastructure being built to accommodate them? Do you see a robust enough sense of community to absorb that level of immigration without friction?

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  1. We DON’T WANT the “infrastructure” solution! It is NOT a solution. Onlt decreased immigration can help us. If the rest of the world is overcrowded they can slow down their breeding rates, not flood our countries while WE build “infrastructure” for them at our expense!

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