Giuliani: Jesus is an embarrassment and Arafart isn’t?

Giuliani has never taken an interest in learning about Islam, never came to  understand the attitudes and atmospherics of the ideology, he has no grip of the cult of deceit and the absolute evil it causes in a society that is unprepared and ignorant towards it.

Appearing on Fox News’ “Hannity” former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on President Obama sending mixed messages to Middle East.
In other news:


The lawsuit challenges two provisions of Cuomo’s new gun-control law: one that bans a made-up type of firearm some politicians call “assault weapons” (there is no such type of firearm–it’s a collection of various types of guns that look scary but function like ordinary guns), and also the provision that bans ammunition magazines that hold more than seven rounds.

4 thoughts on “Giuliani: Jesus is an embarrassment and Arafart isn’t?”

  1. What more can one expect from a Communist, the Communist side of his personality that Giuliani so flagrantly display’s?

  2. My sincerest apology to former Mayor Giuliani. I had both subjects above on mind and meant to label Cuomo, not Giuliani as a Communist.
    Again, my sincerest apology to Mayor Giuliani, and to hell with Cuomo.

  3. Liberalism (group victimology sales) is bigotted, prejudicial STEREOTYPING; pure idolatry.

    Their endless “class”(ification) wars are fraud: backwards fantasies presented as fact; lies.

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