Hannity Panel: ‘We Are Giving Terrorists Money!’


Sean Hannity on Netanyahu: “There’s No Way He Doesn’t See Through This President’s BS” (GWP)

Posted by Jim Hoft on Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sean Hannity unloaded on Barack Obama tonight on his show. Evidently, Sean is not impressed with Barack’s charm offensive.

“At least there was one adult in the room. And there’s one adult who understands the nature of the battle and conflict between good and evil of our time. Um Bibi, there’s no way he does not see through this president’s BS… He knows where Obama’s coming from. I think he knows full well he can’t trust him.”

Barack Obama is on a peace mission this week in Isreal – one of America’s allies.

Hannity Panel Erupts During Heated Debate Over U.S. Aid to Egypt:

‘We Are Giving Terrorists Money!’

Well, Obama told us that he will always stand with his Muslim brothers. No surprises here:

“This president is giving $1.5 billion and F-16 jets and tanks to a guy that views the Israelis as the descendants of apes and pigs.”Read More »

Fox News host Sean Hannity is clearly displeased that the Obama administration continues to send the Muslim Brotherhood-controlled country of Egypt billions of dollars and F-16 jets. On his show Wednesday, the host proclaimed the U.S. is “giving terrorists money!”


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Joining Hannity were former congressman Allen West and liberal radio talk show host Leslie Marshall. West agreed with Hannity’s assertion while Marshall clashed with the host throughout the segment.

“This president is giving $1.5 billion and F-16 jets and tanks to a guy that views the Israelis as the descendants of apes and pigs,” Hannity said. “Do you think that’s a good foreign policy Leslie Marshall?”

Marshall avoided providing a concise answer and instead brought up establishing “borders” and settlements in the West Bank. She also said the U.S. isn’t giving money to the Muslim Brotherhood and its radical President Mohammed Morsi, it’s giving funds to “the people.”

“So we are going to give them the weapons to attack Israel?” a perplexed Hannity replied. “We are giving terrorists money!”

Agreeing with Hannity, West said President Barack Obama is practicing “a Neville Chamberlain-type foreign policy of appeasement.”

“To give them money is idiotic,” Hannity concluded.

Mediaite has the video via Fox News:

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