“He laid down his life for his religion and the Koran.”

Al BeBeeCeera tells us once again that one man’s terrorist is another man’s hero:

Samaruddin’s family say that he was particularly affected by perceived insults to Islam.

 “I said to him – ‘you killed them because of your religion and be proud of it’.

The family say that thousands of people attended the burial.

“The whole river bed here was full of people,” Samaruddin’s uncle Nasraddin remembers. “It was unbelievable.”

His uncle says that a local mosque has even been named after his nephew, at the request of local people.


2 thoughts on ““He laid down his life for his religion and the Koran.””

  1. Two good men murderd by the islamic coward and, of course, the muslims venerate the scum bag. Most people who have seved in Iraq and Afghanistan consider the local populations or questionable character ( and I am being nice). This is simply more proof that we will be doing the world a favour if we throw these muslim scum out of our countries and sever all ties with the parasites.

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