In ten years the Greens will be gone, Muslim polygamists will see to it

And then they dumped him anyway:

Bernardi dumped, yet polygamists prove him right

Senator Cory Bernardi was last year pilloried:

LIBERAL senator Cory Bernardi says he decided to resign as Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s parliamentary secretary for the good of the Coalition…

Speaking on a gay marriage Bill in Federal Parliament last night, Mr Bernardi said: “Time and time again the same characters seek to tear down our institutions that have been built and have sustained our civilisation for thousands of years. The time has come to ask: when will it end?

“What is the next step?

“The next step, quite frankly, is having three people or four people that love each other being able to enter into a permanent union endorsed by society or any other type of relationship.”

Senator Bernardi went on to say accepting gay marriage could lead to accepting bestiality.

“There are even some creepy people out there and I say ‘creepy’ deliberately who are unfortunately afforded a great deal more respect than I believe they deserve,” he said.

Linking same-sex marriage to bestiality was offensive and a political howler. But in the Senate last week Bernardi gave fresh evidence suggesting his warning was well-founded when it came to polygamy:

Three weeks ago Sydney’s City Hub reported on the establishment of the Polyamory Action Lobby, or PAL… And sure enough, PAL recently started a petition which reads:

The House of Representatives For too long has Australia denied people the right to marry the ones they care about. We find this abhorrent. We believe that everyone should be allowed to marry their partners, and that the law should never be a barrier to love. And that’s why we demand nothing less than the full recognition of polyamorous families.

So here we have it: a polyamorist lobby group petitioning parliament to allow polygamous marriage. To some, five months ago this was inconceivable….

But who is behind the Polyamory Action Lobby? PAL’s president is Brigitte Garozzo. PAL’s spokesman is Timothy Scriven. And Kieran Adair is also one of PAL’s founders. And what do these militant polyamorists have in common? I will tell you. They are all associated with the Greens. Brigitte Garozzo, also known as Brigitte McFadden is listed as the contact officer for the New South Wales Young Greens at the University of Sydney. Timothy Scriven describes his political views as ‘anarchism and revolutionary libertarian socialism’, though the University of Sydney Greens Facebook page last year said:

Timothy Scriven is an active member of the Greens on Campus and on our executive…

Kieran Adair’s Twitter profile promotes the 2011 Greens New South Wales election campaign. Further, a ‘Kieran Adair’ said, on the New Matilda website when commenting on the 2011 annual Marxist conference, ‘I don’t identify as a socialist; I’m a Green.’…

Polyamorous marriage is on the agenda. Greens activists are now pushing publicly for it while other polyamorists are lying low, waiting to be the next cab off the rank—no doubt, I suspect, having been given a nod and a wink by other Greens, who are still advocating marriage for all.

3 thoughts on “In ten years the Greens will be gone, Muslim polygamists will see to it”

  1. The main reason I am against gay marriage is that it is going to open the door for polygamy.

    The writing is really on the wall. First gay marriage, then polyamory and then noone will be able to say no to polygamy. And of course once polygamy is legal the muslim population will be able to expand even more.

    It is another way of implementing Sharia Law.

    Voluntarily entering a ‘alternative’ marriage is a lot different to be forced into a polygamist one and we all know young women will be forced into polygamist marriages.

  2. Honey
    The reason why i’m against gay marriage is because it’s just another vehicle gays use against conservatives to mock their outlooks and views.

    Besides G-d made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

  3. Gay marriage can never exist. However the government can create the legal fiction that it does. Homosexuals used to live a lie and then they came out as different but now they want to pretend there is no difference, or rather want society to do the pretending, just as Muslims want society to pretend their way of life is just a religion. Its the same lie and it spells the end of society.

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