Inherent Turkish Nastiness

Unwanted Germans

German troops sent to Turkey as part of NATO mission stunned to find the Turks aren’t happy to have them there

The Turks are irked by the infidel Germans who have come to their aid. Clearly the rapidly re-Islamizing Turks desire no help from the dirty kuffar. “Bundeswehr ‘bullied’ by Turkish troops,” from The Local, March 3 (thanks to JW):

German troops deployed on the Turkish-Syrian border are being badly treated by their Turkish hosts and NATO partners, a government report said over the weekend.

“Turkish waiter ‘depressed’ as he admits to killings,”

by Michael Carroll for the IrishHerald, February 21 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

A CONFESSED Turkish killer of two Irish women asked for reporters to be banned from his trial because media reports were “depressing him”.–Turkey: Muslim murderer complains that he is being treated like a “Christian”

“Moderate” Turkey

 Conspiracy theories against minorities, always dangerous, have become the motives and themes of the state. Unsurprisingly, anti-Jewish prejudice is also now widespread in Turkey.–“Death to Alevis! Death to Kurds!”

Turkey aims to retrieve children fostered outside their culture Islam

Turkey fears that children placed in Christian homes will forget their Muslim roots, and also disapproves of placements with gay couples.

3 thoughts on “Inherent Turkish Nastiness”

  1. The water did not rain is in the sky.
    Not long to go and the fairest judgement will happen with no risk of belting the wrong criminals. In the “Book” is all written and every comma of History recorded: no tear will be forgotten, every wound, rape and bloodshed printed in the Memory of God… but no sincere and timely repentance rejected… Divine Justice will be fierce and punctual.

    The West has only to hold fast to the most precious treasures of its history and heritage, resist evil with self-control and compacted unity, seek for higher social Justice and decency… and leave the rest to the Most Wonderful Majesty YHWH and His Son. He will not fail as the King of Kings and Supreme General over all powers and principalities.
    The Grace of Yeshua is still available but not for long… as the “Time of the Gentile” is close to end. Sincere Muslims can open their hearts today while His voice calls Mankind to Grace.

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