Jordan with nukes?

Jordan Won’t Sign Accord With U.S. On Nuclear Safeguard

Why should Jordan continue to be given any American aid? Why should Jordanians be allowed to study nuclear engineering — or any kind of science — in American universities? Why should Jordanian Arabs, exploiting non-Arab workers who are treated miserably in Jordanian textile factories, continue to enjoy Most-Favored-Nation status?  (Hugh Fitzgerald)

Here’s the article on Jordan, its nuclear plans, and its refusal to sign an accord with the U.S.:

Jordan close to commissioning two nuclear reactors, declines to sign accord with U.S.

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates — Jordan is close to commissioning two nuclear reactors, to be built about 100 kilometers south of the Syrian border, as atomic energy spreads through the Arab world, even as uprisings convulse the region.

Not wanting to be blown to smithereens by Islamic headbangers is “apartheid?”

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