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“Closer to allah” means getting rid of all that junk….

The suspect stormed into his father’s room and cut off his father’s penis and then, his own. (BCF)

Everybody wants to be close to allah:

“Killing Jews is worship that draws us close to Allah.” (from PalWatch.)

Misunderstanding and stereotyping week in Maine

“ Islam is not terrorism,” and lots more junk like that from Mullah:

The University of Maine’s Muslim Student Association and Honors College teamed up for the Islam Awareness Week hosting a presentation by world renowned speaker Yassir Fazaga:  “A believer in Islam is called a Muslim, and the word Islam means “submission to the will of God.”

“Sacred Terrorism” is Islamic

Sunni Imam Who Supported Terrorism Is Blown Up in Suicide Blast

So much junk and so little time:

 There Is a Form of Terrorism that Is Necessary and Even Sacred, says Muhammad Sa’id Ramadhan Al-Bouti:

He’s gone, good riddance:

Before his death he pushed for terrorist attacks against the US and Israel. Israel National News reported, via Religion of Peace (GWP)

The greater Jihad terror

The Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat-I-Islam (Lahore) Fiji

One of the most common misconceptions about Islam is that it advocates violence and terrorism to spread religion. Terms such as “hard line jihad” to “raid and eliminate infidels” are frequently used to characterise Islam. This misunderstanding in modern times about Islam is due mainly to terroristic acts perpetuated by a small minority who cite Islam as their justification for their activities. …  More common misconceptions at The Fiji Times Online


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  1. Quote: Fazaga admits that Muslims have historically used violence as a means of solving problems, but he ensures that those actions do not define the religion.

    This religion is defined by the koran and the examples of mohammed. In all this, violence, war and terrorism is fully justified and encouraged.

  2. Muslims cutting off their penis . Finally a muslim doing something worthwhile. Can I sharpen the knives for them?

  3. So al bouti declares that when muslims make you crap your pants, that is, fill you with terror, that is a sacred thing..and probably would go so far as to say they deserve a purple heart…but if an American does the same thing it becomes a filthy and impure thing! Ohmigod,
    these guys are truly whacked, no? I can’t help but think that so many of these guys never got beyond the age of 4…like the boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar, these masters of lying attempt to tell mother, “No mom, it wasn’t I who took the cookies, it was Fatih”. So in one fell swoop with one big fat lie, he puts the onus on the other guy, and in so doing, actually feels like he did something sacred!! Can’t stop rolmao at the nuttiness of it all! With all the defense items surrounding this ditwad dude, one can’t help but see that when all intellectual value ceases to exist, then they resort to violence. Only in this case, the intellect is missing from day one, hence to violence.

  4. Even more perverse: moslems, like their liberal brethren, are infantile delinquents who, when caught with their own hands in the cookie jars, actually dare to look up at the angry parent, and declare: “NO, Mom – YOU just got YOUR hand caught … in the …!” The depths of their flippantly depraved victim-blaming knows no bounds!

    Sharia (not to mention the Qur’an which directly inspires it all) officially declares that JIHAD IS THE MOST PIOUS ACT!

    And it gives exemptions for physicial disabilities, like age and blindness. If jihad really only meant “peaceful inner struggle” in stead of non-defensive war against all the non-moslems in the world, there’d be no need for such exemptions, nor would they make any sense at all!

    My friend Dajjal, as usual, quite exhaustively listed all the official sources and citations needed:





    1. “Pamela exhibits cognitive dissonance: at once demanding that violent imperatives be expunged from the Koran and acknowledging the impossibility of expunging them.”

      Not cognitive dissonance. Geller is well aware of the ‘impossibility’ of expunging the Koran of violent imperatives.

      The idea is to get people to talk about it and to raise awareness in that these commands are valid for all time and any place.

      You may prefer Sam Salomons approach who wrote a proposed Charter of Muslim understanding which puts Muslims in a (for them) impossible situation.

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