Just don’t connect the dots!

Unthinkable Evil: Teen Intentionally Shoots Woman’s 13-Month-Old Baby in the Face During Robbery Attempt

Are you surprised?  For more than 30 years them “Ni99as” (that’s what they call themselves)  been yelling about how they’re going to kill crackers and white babies.

Now its happening and nobody even bothers to connect the dots.

‘Do You Want Me to Kill Your Baby?’

Khalid Muhammad – Call for White Genocide!

The killing calls come in around 7:00

2 thoughts on “Just don’t connect the dots!”

  1. Of the many negative things about Islam one of them it that it may be defined as a tyrannical religious /political mind control system. In the light of this, Thomas Jefferson had it right when he stated “I have sworn upon the alter of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

  2. You can bet that if this ghastly creature Khalid Muhammad rouses his cheering followers to actually get to work and kill white people it will be the white Christians he will pick on. No way would he take on the equally racist (as he says) Muslim Arabs.

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