Karachi: righteous sunni warriors dispatch 45 shia rafidah to Jahannam

Paki officials say a bomb blast has killed at least 20  45 people in a neighborhood dominated by Shiite Muslims in the southern city of Karachi.

FOX calls mosque “a house of worship”

(Reuters) – A suspected suicide bomber attacked Shi’ite Muslims as they were leaving a mosque in Pakistan’s commercial capital on Sunday, killing at least 45 people, in another signal Sunni militants are escalating sectarian attacks.

U.S. Releases $250 Million in Aid to Egypt After John Kerry’s Meeting With President MorsiU.S. Releases $250 Million in Aid to Egypt After John Kerry’s Meeting With President Morsi

They know a sucker when they see one. Its all about “democracy”, of course:

“It is clear that more hard work and compromise will be required to restore unity, political stability and economic health to Egypt.–Read More »

Kerry couldn’t be bothered by this nasty little sideshow:

For Muslims, there is no escape from Jew -hatred

No way out  (EoZ)

Muslim anti-Semitism has become historically genetic. It is fed into them with their mother’s milk.
It is inculcated at all levels, family, religious, cultural and political. It demands a high level of personal resolve and courage for an individual Muslim to break out of this festering prison of Jew-hatred. Yet to do so leaves that individual open to ridicule, hatred and retribution if he or she remains in that environment. This is the worrying swamp which, for many, there is no escape.

Why feed them if allah does it already?

A plague of locusts descended Saturday on agricultural farms in Giza and on Cairo. Egyptian Agricultural Minister Salah Abad Almoman said the swarm is comprised of an estimated 30 million insects and was causing great damage. …