Keysar “out of context” Trad whines about “continued misunderstanding of sharia”

Muselmaniacs attack findings on sharia

There will be no some sharia under a government I lead:


MUSLIM groups have criticised the findings of a forthcoming parliamentary report on multiculturalism that denounces Islamic law and polygamous marriages.

Federation of Islamic Councils assistant secretary Keysar Trad said the report’s findings, revealed in The Australian’s Sunday edition yesterday, showed a “continued misunderstanding” of sharia .

“Sharia is just a term that applies to all religious practices, including being good neighbours and citizens,” he said.

No. It doesn’t.

“We are able to practice everything sharia demands in accordance with Australian law,” he said.

Not. Yet.

Mr Trad, who is known for his defence of polygamy, said the illegality of polygamous marriage would not prevent plural relationships.

“Marriage is traditionally something under God, not a secular system,” he said.

“People can enjoy all the rights and privileges of a couple without having to be married under Australian law.

Not at taxpayers expense.

” If people want to be involved in a plural relationship, that’s their concern.”

Not if they breed like mad monkeys and let us foot the bill to outbreed  and eliminate us.

Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia chairman Pino Migliorino called on both parties to depoliticise the issue, and focus on the economic value of various diasporas and skill sets provided by immigration.  (???)

“This is an area which can degenerate into politics of fear,” he said.

Is this guy speaking in tongues?

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4 thoughts on “Keysar “out of context” Trad whines about “continued misunderstanding of sharia””

  1. AFICs protestation begs the question: why did the committee even look at sharia in the first place? We find that answer in AFIC’s own submission, where they declare:

    “Therefore, Muslims Australia – AFIC is of the view that all types of cultures, laws and rules are to be valued by Muslims as Islamic as long as they are not in opposition to maqasid al-shari’a.

    In brief, Islam essentially advocates legal pluralism”

    1. What a lot of trash! They promote dhimmitude and the drivel of Koran Armstrong, an ex-nun who jumped the convent walls.

      These MF’s should be tossed out together with the Koranimals who are promoting this shiite.

  2. Always, always bear in mind that Muslims are allowed to lie as long as it furthers Islam.

    Islam is the only religion that actually encourages immorality.

    Horrible religions give rise to horrible countries, full of horrible people, and even the “not so horrible” become horrible just to survive.

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