Mahmoud Eid says he ran amok at Muslim riots in Hyde Park, Sydney court hears

A  (MUSEL-)MAN who kicked a police dog during last year’s Hyde Park riots has admitted to violently running amok during the Muslim protests.  (Newscom)

Mahmoud Eid outside Downing Centre Court today.

Mahmoud Eid, 26, from Punchbowl, this morning pleaded guilty in the Downing Centre Local Court in Sydney to three charges stemming from the September riots, which followed an anti-Islamic video being posted on YouTube.

He admitted rioting, assaulting an officer and committing an act of cruelty when he kicked police dog “Chuck’’ – who also helped catch fugitive killer Malcolm Naden last year.

A fourth charge of assaulting an Australian Federal Police officer outside the US Consulate was dropped.

Police prosecutor Mark Baker said the details of Eid’s rioting were probably the most serious of any of the 12 people brought to court over the CBD disturbance.

“(He also) has the most troublesome record,’’ Sgt Baker said.

Eid was previously jailed for more than a year for a revenge attack following the 2005 Cronulla riot.

Magistrate Gail Madgwick ordered him to return to court in May for sentencing.


3 thoughts on “Mahmoud Eid says he ran amok at Muslim riots in Hyde Park, Sydney court hears”

  1. His beard is growing longer. Wait until he dyes it red. Then “Watch out”. If you thought he was violent up till now, wait until you see him in jihadi action.

  2. a revenge attack. revenge for what? Aussies telling muslims not to intimidate girls or beach lifesavers? He hates Australians especially northern europeans. This guy should go get himself some jihad in Syria and never come back

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