Islamic Peace Conference: “all inclusive” doesn’t mean Christians are welcome

“We cannot guarantee your safety”

Christians “unsafe” at Muslim conference

Andrew Bolt


A Christian writes about the Islamic “peace” conference in Melbourne that invited a bunch of hate-preachers: 

Some Christians who had approval to hire a stall giving away Bibles at the Islamic ‘Peace Conference’ at the Melbourne Showgrounds this weekend have had this approval withdrawn. The Christians, from various churches around Melbourne, had been offered a 6 x 3 metre stall for $600. The Islamic Research and Educational Academy (IREA) contacted them last night and said that the Bible stall could not go ahead because it would be “unsafe”.

The Christians were told that, due to expected anti-Islamic protests outside the Showgrounds, IREA “could not guarantee your safety.” An IREA spokesman, who identified himself as ‘Sami’, was concerned about radical elements among the Muslim attendees “taking it out” on the Christians, and said that IREA security personnel “could not protect the Christians”. IREA claimed they had consulted Victoria Police about security and had come to this decision. Another Christian group was told last night that all the stalls had been allocated and there was no room left. According to the IREA website, there are over 200 stalls available, but their stall map shows that only 44 stalls have been hired so far.

9 thoughts on “Islamic Peace Conference: “all inclusive” doesn’t mean Christians are welcome”

  1. All faiths are welcome if they keep their mouths shut!

    All faiths are welcome if they submit to the jihad!

    Otherwise, they will get beat up or killed. Violence is normative Islam.

  2. My father and his before him sure as hell didn’t defend this country to allow these idiots to come here and preach their message of hate my grandfather had never forgiven the japs for their brutality thank god he’s gone and doesn’t have to see Australia become the shit hole it’s turning into my father says the same thing only he thanks his lucky stars he won’t be around to see it become muslimised .

  3. Mick,

    I quite like Japanese. The big difference is they now have matured as a nation, and they don’t force anyone to become Japanese (even when you live there) nor do they kill other Japanese for not living like medieval Japanese. They have ‘put away their swords’. Not like Islam….

  4. Aussie-John: the Japanese have begun to be infiltrated by Muslims. Will you be glad when they don’t expect the Muslims to “become Japanese”? The Japanese are not so much “mature” as unhappy; they don’t know where they are going. Muslim tourists are going to Japan and telling the Japanese they are filthy; Muslim men are seducing Japanese women. But you like the fact that Japanese don’t force anyone to become Japanese?
    Has “maturity” got flies on it?

  5. The Japanese used to be a war and plunder crime cult of Kamikaze homicide bombers worshipping a “Divine” Emperor – sound familiar?

    They didn’t just “mature” on their own, they had to be FORCED, at great cost to their chosen victims, to completely give up their delusions in order to be allowed to rejoin the human race.

    Once the Arabs are FORCED to give up their crime-occulted holy mobster ways, then maybe they too will have the opportunity to LEARN to mature; otherwise: not.

    The ancestors of today’s “moslems” were the lying bandit-king Muhammad’s first victims. We’re not doing any of them any favours by pretending to believe their victimhood narrative lies.

    If the traitorous, racist sales-puppets we laughingly call “our leaders” continue to indulge them in their historic delusions of violent, hostile superiority, then we are all lost.

  6. Sonia,
    Firstly the dog is you, and that is an insult to our (not your) canine friends. People here are concerned with mohammedan behaviour and if it you think there is no problem with mohammedans then you are either quite stupid or you are a liar. I suspect that you are just another moronic muslim pretending to be someone else supporting the pile of horse manure called islam. I suggest you study the history of ALL countries that have given muslims control – they are abject failures, and WE DID NOT BUILD OUR COUNTRY TO HAND IT OVER TO A PACK OF RABID LIARS AND RAPISTS. The intolerance comes from you scum – and you are neither wanted not needed. You are a fool sonia – thank you for openly displaying your stupidity on the internet.

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