More on the “Asian” Rape Epidemic in EUrabia

Abdullah’s Rape Video

A teenager  Koranimal has admitted raping a 15-year-old girl at knife-point in a terrifying 90-minute ordeal heard by the victim’s mother who had called her daughter’s mobile phone.Daily Mail via Vlad

“Asian” Rapists Again:

A police chief has revealed that 54 suspects have been arrested across the Bradford district in the last five months by officers investigating cases of predatory paedophiles.–Telegraph and Argus (Vlad)

Lancaster Islamic girls’ school sex assault: (Musel-)men arrested

Three men arrested following an alleged sexual assault and false imprisonment at an Islamic girls’ school have links with the school, police said.

Jamea Al Kauthar Islamic High School for Girls in Lancaster
The secondary school has more than 400 pupils

A Bolton man, 40, and a Blackburn man, 30, were arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and false imprisonment.  They have been bailed. A Blackburn man, 53, has been released without charge.

“We expect the matter to be cleared up soon.”–(BBC)

Fathers did it, brothers did it, uncles did it, cousins did it:

Sex abuse in Muslim families goes unreported

The idea of ‘family honour’ meant that Rabea, Zohra, Ibtisam and Saïda kept their mouths shut. Now they are telling their stories to try and break the taboo surrounding sexual abuse in Muslim families. They no longer see themselves as victims.Radio Netherlands (Vlad)

Rights for women? Are you out of your f*kcing mind?

TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) — Libya’s supreme religious cleric is calling on Muslim nations to reject a United Nations document on women’s rights, saying that it counters Islamic law.

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  1. Ah, those “Bolton, Blackburn and Bradford Men,” eh? Tsk tsk tsk
    I didn’t know those places were part of “Asia.” Silly me.

    And old blighty continues to circle the drain as it knuckles it’s collective forehead in obeisant Submission to it’s stiff upper crust better’s advice to learn to become better victims – again. “Pity.”

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