Moronista Heartbreak

Al Jizz offers non stop coverage: Leaders and supporters bid farewell to Chavez

“In Venezuela, a hero’s send-off today for Hugo Chavez, a harsh critic of the U.S. who ruled for 14 years.” The headline on screen during the segment read: “Saluting Chavez; World Leaders in Venezuela for President’s Funeral.”–Read more

Jesse Jackass Jackson:

Are there any despots Harfart professors don’t like?

Nuking Hugo (American Thinker)
Forget ” Abraham , Martin and John,” now we have Hugo, Jesus and Mahdi because Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is convinced that Chavez will return to the earth with the redeemer of Islam, 12th Imam Mahdi’s personal deputy Jesus Christ.

One thought on “Moronista Heartbreak”

  1. Notice the use of the word, “rule”.

    Was not aware that no one from the administration did not attend the American hero’s funeral. Not surprised though.

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