Mothers of Perfection

From Al Monitor:

Aisha Abu Shannab, or Om Hassan, a woman in her 50s from the Gaza Strip, was awarded the Mother of the Year prize on Feb. 28.  Om Hassan is also the widow of late Hamas leader Ismail Abu Shannab..

Arab world’s “Perfect Mother” is the wife, mother of terrorists

The “Perfect Mother,” as her title is named in Arabic, also was interviewed by the Hamas “Palestine Times”where she says that an ideal mother should educate her sons on is “love of jihad and martyrdom”.  (EoZ)

Another “perfect” jihad Momma in France:

French Mother on Trial for Sending Son Named ‘Jihad’ to Nursery School With ‘Born on 11 September’ Shirt

Bouchra Bagour says she doesn’t defend terrorism, but is on trial in Southern France charged with “glorifying crime” after she sent her son named “Jihad” to nursery school with a T-shirt reading “I am a bomb” and “Born on 11 September.”

Motherly Love:

Zoulikha Aziri, Merah’s mother, said in the interview that her son was a good kid and denied reports that the family spoke of jihad during Merah’s upbringing.  She also denied that Merah had spent time in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Subsequent investigations revealed that Merah allegedly received training from al-Qaeda.

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  1. You’d like to try to excuse their barbaric savagery by saying they’re brainwashed. However, I don’t think they have brains. They must be some sort of defective humanoid life-form.

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