Muslim Brotherhood infiltration

Robert Spencer interviews John Guandolo on John Brennan’s Islam and Muslim Brotherhood infiltration

John Guandolo is the former FBI agent who broke the story that Obama’s nominee for CIA director, John Brennan, converted to Islam while in Saudi Arabia — which would explain why he is so hospitable to the Muslim Brotherhood. Last Wednesday on my ABN show, I interviewed John Guandolo.

That Moronic MuBro Operative Keith Ellisson aka Hakim Muhammad

Pamela Geller:

I have to hand it to Sean Hannity. He showed his audience what this Muslim Brotherhood Congressmen really is — a thug and a goon. Hakim Muhammad, aka Keith Ellison, called Hannity an “immoral” liar, accused him of “yellow journalism” and labeled him the “worst excuse for a journalist” in the the US.

Here is what an Islamic supremacist considers a “conversation.”

(Washington Times):  Rep. Keith Ellison, Minnesota Democrat Mustard, attacked Fox News conservative host Sean Hannity on Tuesday evening, calling him an “immoral” liar and a sorry excuse for a journalist who furthers “yellow journalism.”

For those of us who are sick and tired of guys like Bill O’Reilly calling Hamas-CAIR “stand up guys,” this is refreshing.

Sean Hannity accused the politician of associating (in the past) with the Minister Louis Farraklown, the leader of the controversial Nation of Islam, and Khalid Muhammed, a deceased Black Militant leader, Politico reports. Additionally, he compared Ellison’s past rhetoric to the extremities regularly uttered by the Ku Klux Klan.

Who said his rhetoric has changed?

Soros sponsored ‘Think Progress’ calls this Sean Hannity Launches “Islamophobic Attack” Against Keith Ellison …

Even the leftarded CNN gets it:

“Even psychotic liberal Howard Kurtz thinks Keith Ellison was out of line with Sean Hannity.” (Kurtz hastens to assure us that he considers himself “reasonably sane.”) Right. But who believes a nutter like that?

“The reality is, the Congressman not only associated with these radicals — but he spent years spewing their hateful rhetoric,” Hannity charged, referring to the congressman’s time as a law student in the 1980s and 1990s.

“What is the difference, I mean, do we have somebody then in Congress that is the equivalent of one side of what the Klan is?,” he continued. “Because I view the rabid ranting of Khalid Mohammed as frightening in terms of racism, anti-Semitism.”

Not a Dictator?

Hussein Obama: “I Am Not a Dictator” (GWP)

“I am not a dictator. I am the president.” Does he understand the difference? (thanks to Drudge)

“I am not a dictator.” Not yet, anyway.

“I am not a dictator.” Yeah, and Nixon said, “I am not a crook,” but he was.

“I am not a dictator.” And I am not a 70-year-old woman. But give it time…

“I am not a dictator.” I am just an authoritarian enemy of free speech who is increasingly unwilling to brook any opposition.

“I am not a dictator.” …but I replaced the portrait of Lincoln in the Oval Office with one of Comrade Stalin.

“I am not a dictator.” Soros is the dictator. I’m just the beard.

“I am not a dictator.” But I am an anti-Semitic nutrition freak who (officially) hates smoking and loves his dog and who wants to raise a private army. Hmmm, how would I look with a Charlie Chaplin mustache?

“I am not a dictator.” I just thought it would be fun to fly some drones over Iowa.

“I am not a dictator.” All that ammo that DHS is stockpiling domestically is for…an alien invasion, yeah, that’s it, an alien invasion.

Politicians often seem to deny that one quality about them that everyone knows is true. Obama’s “I Am Not a Dictator” deserves to join “I Am Not a Crook” in the annals of political denials.

Obama is finding a dozen different ways to say that he doesn’t wield absolute power. “I am not a dictator”. “I can’t mind-meld Congress into making a deal.” “Even though I have been doing anything I want with respect to everything else, when it comes to the sequester I can’t take control of it, even though the Senate has offered me that opportunity.”

I am not a dictator, except when I want to be: DENIAL IS CONFIRMATION  (Sultan Knish)

Not ‘Borderline’– He’s the Real Deal:

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  1. And so it begins. Despotic government threatens journalists.

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