No Need For Halal

No Need For  ‘Halal’:

Eating got easier for Muslims this year when fatwa Sheikh, Mohamed al-Jazlani, publicly said yes to non-Muslim food. According to the religious scholar, everything, except meat, that is cooked or prepared by non-Muslims is “halal” to eat.

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Other ‘Sheiks’ sheik’n things with freaky fartwas:

While many a Sheikh is content to sit by, study the holy texts and distribute advice to the pious, others are a little more keen on the spotlight. According to the grandest of them all, the Saudi Mufti, Abdul Aziz aal-Sheikh, all those headlines are driving the ordinary cleric into a “fatwa frenzy”.


A fatwa, meaning religious declaration, is usually reserved for the important issues in history. But with a potential slot on Al Arabiya or Al Jazeera TV at stake, more and more Sheikhs are turning to fatwas to get their faces in the public eye.

For the fame-seeking Sheikh, the wilder the declaration, the more air time and so preachers have begun issuing fatwas as crazy as putting babies in burkas or cracking down on 3G providers.

No matter what the topic, be it fish food or hairy police officers, you can be sure that somewhere in the darkest reaches of the Muslim world there is a cleric with one eye on the holy texts and another on the headlines. 

Here we take a look at some of the freakiest fatwas the region has seen and the clerics shouting “haram!” just inches behind them.

What is your favorite freaky fatwa? Are these scholars just after the attention or do they really believe what they’re saying?