Obama ‘Woman of Courage’ refuses to apologise to the “Zionist Lobby”


How Did the State Department Come So Close to Honoring a Woman Who May Supports Attacks on the U.S.?

State spokesturd Nuland  is not only pig ignorant. By her own admission she is   “generally dumber than most of the rest of the government”:  

“I mean, that’s what I’m paid to be.”

Michelle Malkin Takes on State Department for Honoring Samira Ibrahim, Woman Who Praised 9/11

Samira Ibrahim was scheduled to receive the International Women of Courage award today in honor of her actions during Egypt’s uprising, but within hours of the presentation, the State Department held back after finding out its honoree may have quoted Hitler on Twitter and even celebrated attacks against America. (More…)

Obama “postpones” award to supporter of jihad mass murder attacks against U.S. and Israel

“Why should this be any surprise of course from a State Department and a White House that rolls out the welcome mat for the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood and all sorts of other anti-Semitic, pro-Jihadi advocates and operatives,” said Malkin.

Army, Marine Corps Cancel Their Tuition Assistance Programs …But Illegal Aliens to Receive Financial Aid

It’s an Obama world.
Due to the sequester (proposed by the White House) the Obama administration will cancel tuition reimbursement for soldiers and Marines.

US finds some sanity, rescinds award to racist Egyptian hate monger: “ the prize was withdrawn,” Samira Ibrahim tweeted Thursday.

 Ibrahim  sensed the State Department’s incompetence and zeroed in on weakness. State Department officials said Ibrahim “has categorically denied” writing the offending tweets and claimed “she was hacked.” But what she said last night was at odds with State’s account. The tweets were hers, she said, she owned them, and she wasn’t going to apologize. And now, a star is born. 

A Star Is Born

The State Department made Samira Ibrahim a heroine.

This article is a really good example of the difference in perception between someone who understands Islamic thinking and someone who doesn’t. What we have  here is a malignant worldview held by huge numbers of Muslims,  that hating and killing infidels, particularly Jews, is a glorious act.


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