NASA – Subjugated, “Repurposed” and Sleeping With Our Enemies

When Obama came into power over four years ago, I knew it was the opening volley of the destruction of much of what America holds dear. One of the first things he did was attack NASA. People may have forgotten the layoffs and changes in NASA. I haven’t. Obama has overseen the Islamization of NASA with instructions to run a Mohammedan outreach program. He cut the Constellation program, intended to develop new rockets to carry people into space and the space shuttle program was mothballed — with a special dissing of Texas because they bucked Obama’s EPA mandates. Stellar thuggery gone mad – space exploration, the Chicago way.

Now, it is coming to light that NASA supposedly leaked classified military technology to China, Saudi Arabia and South Korea. More on Sleeping With Our Enemies

Obama’s Media Puppet Show:

The Glatzov gang on John Brennan, Chuck Hagel and John Kerry.  Watch both parts!

Breaking: Obama Sends 1,400 Manufacturing Jobs & Sensitive Technology to Brazil

Meanwhile, domestic manufacturers are forced to cut jobs and highly skilled workers remain unemployed here at home. Beechcraft just emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

This will make you want to puke:

Al Jazeera Hires GOP Lobbyists to Counter Congressional Scrutiny to Current TV Deal

Al-Jazeera has hired GOP lobbyists to help it gain approval to buy Current TV from Al Gore. Aljazeera, the former “voice of Osama Bin Laden”, wants to pollute US airwaves with its anti-Israel, pro-Islamist agenda… And GOP lobbyists are going to help them make that happen.

America has more people on food stamps than Canada has citizens. —Read More »

Rush: Illegal Alien Release ‘Impeachable Offense’