Obummer in Israel, Pal’s fire rocket(s)

WTF are O’bumblers sinister intentions this time?

Jerusalem Post Editor: ‘We Can’t Figure Out What He’s Doing Here’

Pamela Geller:

Obama is bringing 500 million dollars over to the jihadists in Gaza, while they burn American flags and his posters of his face upon his arrival. So what is this 500 million dollars, exactly? And the 1.5 billion to the Muslim Brotherhood savages in Egypt — aid or jiyza?

“Aid or Jizya” Dr. Mark Durie

Pali “militants” in Gaza fired two rockets on Thursday at southern Israel, on the second day of President Barack Obama’s visit to the region, Israeli police said.

Obama’s mysterious visit

So what does Obama seek to achieve with this novel practice? (Caroline Glick)

Jiziya indeed:

Raymond Ibrahim has drawn our attention to a Salafist cleric’s recent pronouncement on Egyptian television that US aid to Egypt should indeed be considered as jizya:

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Obama: all your moolah are belong to us!

That’s what the CIA and NSA are for:

Obama Administration to Allow Spy Agencies to Scour Americans’ Finances

Reuters reported (via GWP)

The Obama administration is drawing up plans to give all U.S. spy agencies full access to a massive database that contains financial data on American citizens and others who bank in the country, according to a Treasury Department document seen by Reuters.

Rich Little Despot:

Investigators Uncover Kim Jung-Un’s Slush Funds – Worth Billions

While his people are starving Kim Jung-Un has socked away billions of dollars in secret accounts.

South Korea and US investigation turned up as much as $5 billion in slush funds owned by North Korean dictator Kim Jung-Un.  Business Insider reported….

3 thoughts on “Obummer in Israel, Pal’s fire rocket(s)”

  1. Obama had the gall to compare Israeli/Philistine relations to U.S./Canada relations.
    Hmmm…when was the last time Canada sent missiles into Washington D.C., the War of 1812?

  2. Obama and his adminstration is engaging in a policy of evil and folly be sending 1.5 bilions of “aid” plus tanks and M-16 the the radical Islamic group THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD that is now in power in Egypt. To add to the outrage all of this Amarican taxpayers money is being send to this extremist Islam group in Egypt all the while Ameria is in a great debt. A debt that Obama helped make. All atthe same time as an excuse because of the debt Obama is making great cut in the US military and US intellengence and information gathering agencies. This 1.5 billion shoud and neeed to go to ther FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, etc. What’s wrong with this guy who is now in the offfice of President in the White House ? Could it be that he is really a Muslim ? Whatever the case Obama is the wrong man for this office and a danger to the safty of America . As one former Muslim and Hezbollah member who is now a Christian said of Obama that “He is going to hurt this country.”

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