Pat Condell vs the UN’s Jihad on Freedom of Speech

By attacking our G-d given freedom of speech, the UN is doing the  OIC’s dirty work.  The OIC represents the UN’s  biggest voting block, consisting of 56  and 1/2 Islamic dictatorships. Pat Condell suggests renaming this  despicable outfit to “Organisation of Islamic Criminals”

Muselmaniacs find the truth about their religion offensive. And freedom of speech be damned, countries within the EU have already tried and convicted people for telling the truth about this 7th century desert cult that keeps murdering people in their thousands, year after year after year:

Free speech for him, but not for you:

It never ceases to amaze me what kind of  perverts, Marxist imbeciles and other leftists totalitarians find tenure in universities:

Journalism professor welcomes muzzle

Andrew Bolt

Utterly astonishing.

An academic dismisses free speech and a free press as mere a concern of the “self interested”, whom he compares to dogs:

Self-interested critics have been incessantly arguing the media regulation plans are designed to shutdown a hostile media and are an attack on free speech. Andrew Bolt chews at this issue like a dog after its own fleas.

What makes this academic’s airy dismissal even more extraordinary is that he doesn’t include himself as one with a self interest in free speech:

Martin Hirst

Associate Professor Journalism & Media at Deakin University

Martin Hirst is a member of the journalists’ union, the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance.

Witness how debased is our culture that even media professors cheer the muzzles put on the “dogs” of the press.

Hirst shames his profession as an academic and journalist. In my opinion, if I may still hold one.


Yet when the US Government allegedly puts Hirst on its watch list for being such a vehement opponent of its war on terror, hear him complain about then “trying to shut me up”:

Free speech for him, but not for you.

Is he is of the far Left, by any chance? A Trot?

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