Puff Ho & Leftist Wackademia Attack the “Exploiters”

Who are the exploiters?

Are they not  the Paki gangs who exploit underage British girls by gang-raping them and forcing them into prostitution?  No. For the progressive left the ‘exploiters’ are those who oppose and expose the Islamic  Rape Jihad, because that causes “Islamophobia”– that’s the problem.

 “Islamophobia must be regarded as a crime against humanity,”– Tayyip Erdogan, Turk PM

Pure Evil: Huff Po, Universities claim counter-jihadists are “exploiting” news of scores of Muslim sex trafficking gangs of young girls to fuel “islamophobia”


Pamela Geller:

This is beyond sick. This is beyond depraved. This is pure evil. Imagine, the Huffington Post does an article advancing the fallacious and disgusting narrative that the EDL’s stand against scores of Muslim gangs gang-raping and sexual trafficking in underage infidel girls in the UK (some as young as 9) is a cynical exploitation to fuel islamophobia. The torture, rape and beating of these young girls on a scale so large is unimaginable. But these young victims are merely collateral damage for the savages in the media and universities.

What’s the Puff Ho’s and academia’s take? That my colleague and SION council member Tommy Robinson and other counter jihadists are exploiting it for “islamophobia.” This is the mindset of a nazi. That’s how they roll. As for the young victims? Nothing to see here, folks, keep moving.

Previous coverage at Atlas:

EDL ‘Exploiting Concerns About Asian Grooming Gangs To Fuel Islamophobia’ Report SaysHuffington Post

The English Defence League (EDL) is exploiting concerns surrounding sex-grooming gangs to fuel its anti-Islam agenda, a university report has said, warning that perceived ‘Islamisation’ could lead to terrorist attacks similar to the one by Anders Brevik in Norway.

The far-right group is using cases such as the nine Asian men jailed last year for grooming girls in Rochdale to build support, turning the issue into one of Islam versus the West, King’s College London found.


An EDL protest in Bristol
The group is also building networks across Europe, with EDL leader Tommy Robinson considered a “rock star” by activists, according to the university’s International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation.

Tommy Robinson, who also goes by the name of Stephen Lennon, was jailed in January for 10 months after admitting using someone else’s passport to get in the the USA.

Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens, one of the report’s authors, said: “There’s a danger that the UK will export thiskind of vicious, far-right activism to the rest of the continent.

The EDL and its partners have worsened community tensions and further promoted ideas that helped inspire Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik, the report said.

tommy robinson

Tommy Robinson is currently in jail after illegally using someone else’s passport [actually he has been out of jail for quite some time, asshats]

It came as security minister James Brokenshire warned that far-right movements like the English Defence League have the potential to inspire individuals to break off and join more extreme groups.

Tommy and his compatriots are working class heroes. Beats me how the journaillie can call them “far-right”.

Delivering a speech at a conference on far-right extremism, Mr Brokenshire hit out at groups such as the EDL for “inflaming tensions and spreading hate-filled prejudice within communities”.

He warned that the EDL and others have the potential to “stoke radicalisation” and could ultimately cross the line into an area that concerns counter-terrorism strategy.

“There are a growing number of examples which suggest extremist and terrorist groups can potentially destabilise each other – the presence of one causing a spiralling effect on the other – and offering an enemy against which to define themselves.

“There are also views that groups such as defence leagues can provide ‘gateway ideologies’ through which individuals may migrate to more extreme organisations.

He said while the far right threat is not as “widespread or systematic” as al Qaida-inspired terrorism, the movement appeals to people who share the same vulnerabilities.

“It feeds off the same sense of alienation and questions around identity. And it has the same ambition to reshape the world in an impossible way. The threat is real, and our response must be effective.”

Mr Brokenshire said in June 2011 the government broadened its counter-terrorism strategy – known as Contest – to cover all forms of terrorism, including the far right.

He said the government is currently funding 112 projects in areas where radicalisation is considered high risk.

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  1. So: It’s illegal to “hate” the criminals who are trying to extort, rape & kill you!

    Hating a criminal is just as bad as those criminals’ hateful crimes! Whee!

    People who “hate” such criminals actually went back in time and CAUSED those criminals’ criminal actions which they “hate,” right, libtards?!

    Actually, the psychology of reversing cause and effect is ONLY the domain of victim-blaming criminals in denial of their own culpability, and that means all of YOU, you libertine “liberals!”

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