RT: all religions kill for blasphemy

The Voice of Russia tells us that all religions kill for blasphemy

American right continues to demonize Islam, or death for blasphemy is not limited to Islam. The death penalty for blasphemy is wrong but it is not just an Islamic issue.

John Robles must be having his head up his ass. (thanks to Mullah)

All your airwaves are belong to us:

Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin, head of the Muftiat Council of Russia has Formally requested Anatoli Lisenku, director of the International TV and Radio Academy of Russia to Dedicate fifteenth of TV network’s air time to broadcasting Islamic programs .

Russian Muslims Demand 15% of Country’s Airwaves…(HalalPorkShop)

Perhaps John Robles can explain this: 

3-year-old Adele Biton is in critical condition following a Palestinian rock attack on her mother’s car that also left her sisters injured. No other religion encourages the sort of hatred and senseless violence toward those outside the faith as does Islam.  (TROP)

4 thoughts on “RT: all religions kill for blasphemy”

  1. To you muslims reading – you are all directly responsible for the injuries now carried by an innocent little girl. You are scum, nothing more, nothing less.

  2. Yet these barbaric maggots are still pandered to and fawned over. Everytime I hear an apologist make excuses for these maggots I sincerely want to punch them in the throat..

    One day, one day there will be payback!

  3. 15% of airwaves? Why I would think that Putin could arrange that so easily…don’t the Russians have any missiles to send into space? Just put them guys on those mother ships and give them airwaves or waves of air all the way to their moon god. No sodomy required here.

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