Should Australia Provide a Shuttle Service for the Invading Soldiers of Islam?


Andrew Bolt

Record boats

The Gillard Government gets tough:

Dumb excuses for limiting free speech

Putting a village idiot in a position of authority has consequences:

Choking Off Freedom of Speech Down Under (Moonbattery)

From the Labor authoritarians prattling about introducing more “fairness” by cracking down on free speech:  No appeal to Labor’s media commissar

And still the Press Council orders journalists not to refer to this as “illegal immigration” – illegal immigration inspired by this government’s reckless dismantling of our tough border laws:

Almost 1900 people have arrived in the first 73 days of this year, compared with 1209 for the same period last year, which ultimately saw a record of more than 17,200 people arriving in Australia by boat to claim asylum.

So far this year, 36 boats have arrived in Australian waters, compared with 16 during the same period last year.

Remember three years ago?

If it keeps up at this rate, it would take about 20 years to fill the MCG with boat arrivals,” [’human rights” lawyer Julian Burnside]scoffed.

Many of the Left were impressed by this airy dismissal.

Take Prime Minister Julia Gillard: “Mr Burnside is very, very right. This is a point well made.”

No, it wasn’t. Those who came simply encouraged more to come, exactly as predicted. Now we have boat people arrivals at a rate to fill the MCG not every 20 years but every five. And that’s without adding any family reunions.

3 thoughts on “Should Australia Provide a Shuttle Service for the Invading Soldiers of Islam?”

  1. Give ’em asylum, give ’em jobs, give ’em free contraception, just don’t give them any charity – for that would be treating them as inferior and that would be rascist.
    After all, the people who pay into the soc.service funds don’t get anything.

    Treat these people as equals for a change, that means setting fire to places = prison on charges of arson, then kicked out.
    Attacking women = prison on charges of GBH, then kicked out.

    Really, if one treated these people as equals instead of conquering heroes, the situation would clear up much faster.

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