Sickening MuBro Hubris

Londonistan: No Islamic Parasite Left Behind: 

 The chances that Qatada will be deported to Jordan are slim

Melanie Philip’s husband, Joshua Rozenberg, writing in Comment macht frei  (as some call it for its il-liberal left wing attitude) for the Guardian:

The home secretary tried extremely hard to get Abu Qatada deported to Jordan. For the one-day hearing this month before the special immigration appeals commission (Siac) – the court that deals with terrorism-related deportation cases – Theresa May briefed no fewer than three QCs and one junior counsel. By contrast, Qatada was represented by one QC and one junior.

But the odds were stacked against May.

“Tunisian girls to Syria for ‘jihad’ in support of sexual fighters”

I call BS. As if Mohammedan females would wander off on their own to extend sexual favours to strange men! Patently absurd.

Tunisian girls going on “sexual jihad” in Syria

“He added that this fatwa — had it indeed been issued — may involve Syrian girls living in Syria, who can ‘support the mujahideen by marrying them for a few hours.'”

That sounds like temporary marriage, which is usually simply prostitution behind the hypocritical fig leaf of a “marriage” with a time limit, violates Islamic law. Temporary marriage is an established Shi’ite concept that is also prevalent among some Sunnis. We saw it taking place in Egypt last year, and it is also rising among Saudis, even though Sunnis ostensibly reject it.

Russia vs the prophets beard

That Dirty Book

Paki Mob Nearly Lynches Mentally Ill Man Over Koran Burning Rumor, Police Charge Him With “Blasphemy”…

Egypt: Sickening MuBro Hubris

“We expect our friends in the US and Europe to give us easy terms against our buying their wheat”– One leading commodities house executive said: “the risk is too high”…

Must be a cultural thing:

Millions of guns held by civilians in Yemen

The government’s fight against guns may not see an end as Yemenis consider them part of their culture.  (al Jizz)

At the United Nations in New York, talks are still going on to create the world’s first arms trade treaty.

One of the most heavily armed nations in the world is Yemen. A 2009 international survey showed that 11million guns are held by civilians.  Al Jazeera’s Hashem Ahelbarra reports from Sana’a, Yemen.

Prominent Jew Banned from Libya He Helped Make

Walter Russell Mead On Bernard-Henri Lévy Being Banned From Libya

Of course, BHL is one more of those World’s Greatest Authorities (cf. Martha Nussbaum, Jeffrey Sacks, and others too numinous to mention)  and will not be able to draw the right deductions from this, as he will never be able to understand — as I suspect Walter Russell Mead is on the way to understanding — the crazed hatred that comes from Qur’an, Hadith, Sira, that is from Islam itself.